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There are so many amazing drivers out there today that they’re kind of like potato chips – it’s hard to pick just one. Unfortunately, most players have to make that hard decision for both personal and financial reasons. But you don’t have to go at it alone. Today we’re talking Callaway X-Hot drivers, specifically the X-Hot Pro driver. Although the two X-Hot drivers share several important features. Both have a hosel that helps you to better shape shots. And they have an incredibly thin, cast face that flexes like a trampoline to distribute more of your swing power to the ball. But they’re not identical.

Many other sites have written the standard driver reviews – Callaway X-Hot Pro is more than your basic X-Hot in many ways, including:

A smaller volume clubhead

You’ll notice that most Pro or Tour clubs have smaller heads. If you hit the sweet spot every time, you don’t have to waste all that extra space on a moose-head of a club. At 440cc, this tiny club concentrates all its efforts on one spot for better, longer shots.

Much lower center of gravity

All Callaway golf drivers are designed with adjustments to their centers of gravity (CG). Callaway lowered the center of gravity to help players hit better shots. On the X-Hot Pro, the CG is low, promoting lots of extra height and distance without ballooning shots, even on the higher loft clubs. This is a great thing when coupled with the deep clubface, especially in high winds or on hilly courses.

A deeper club face

Deep club faces are beloved by professional golfers, and here’s why: they encourage lower spin and straighter shots when hit. They’re not always popular with casual golfers because of that last part though. Often these players need more forgiving faces. This club can do amazing things, provided your shots are square and always in roughly the same spot. If you want forgiveness, you’ll need to look at other Callaway golf drivers, like the X-Hot or RAZR series.

Lower lofts and higher swing weight

The standard X-Hot features lofts from 9.5 degrees to 13.5 degrees – great for a wide range of players, to be sure. But the X-Hot Pro isn’t for everybody, as we’ve mentioned, and it doesn’t pretend like it is. With lofts of 8.5 through 10.5, a neutral weight configuration and a slightly heavier swing weight than its standard cousin, the Callaway X-Hot Pro is ready to translate your fast, hard swing into sheer punch when it meets the ball.

The Callaway X-Hot Pro is just one of the many incredible drivers that Callaway has cranked out in the last few years, but it’s not right for everybody. Take a look at the full line-up on before you buy your next club — we’re sure to have the right Callaway driver for you at a price you’ll love.

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