Club Review: Cobra Amp Cell Driver

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cobra golf clubs at 3ballsGolfers looking for a club that brings a winning personality and long, straight drives to the course need look no further than the Cobra Amp Cell driver.  Hardliners may be hesitant to pick up this big driver — after all, with the bright graphics and colorful options, nothing about it even mutters traditional — but that’s one of the very best parts of the package.  Without a doubt, the Cobra Amp Cell driver will get looks from the moment you take it out of your bag until you put it away.


Of course, the Amp Cell is more than a pretty face.  With six adjustable lofts, a square face at address and no sharp or awkward angles to interrupt your swing arc, you have to try hard to mishit your ball.  Cobra went a little further with this one, creating one of the biggest sweet spots in any driver in the game today — and that’s great news for most casual golfers (and even for you more serious golfers).

The difference comes down to the new tech Cobra built into this one, specifically something they dubbed SmartPad Technology.  Unlike other drivers with lofts adjusted via their hosel, the Cobra Amp Cell sole is designed so that the face always remains square, regardless of loft setting.  The contact area of the sole has been reduced to a mere 1 1/2 centimeters, giving you more control over when and where the driver head hits the ground.

Increased control and workability are just a couple of the best features of this club — the less easily measurable things are pretty sweet, too, though.  The Cobra Amp Cell driver crushes the ball, making it feel like you just fired your ball down the fairway with a rocket launcher.  It comes with three head options: the basic Amp Cell built for weekend golfers, the Pro version for players with faster, straighter swings and a non-adjustable offset version.

By and large, the biggest complaint about this club is the stock shaft, so be sure to take a few swings before you settle on it —  the stiffness on these shafts seem to be a little out of step with other manufacturers.  Players who tried several shafts before they chose one were much happier with the club, and overwhelmingly they favored non-stock options.  Your pro shop should be more than happy to set you up with several shafts to test to ensure the best fit possible.

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