Cool / Not Cool

I recently read and loved this article on Golf Digest, and thought I’d make my own list of cool/not cool things in golf.

Cool: A three hour round of golf.



Not Cool:  A five hour round of golf.





Cool:  Getting really good golf lessons from a really good golf pro.



Not Cool:  Getting really bad golf lessons from a really bad wannabe golf pro.




Cool:  Waiting a few extra seconds for the group ahead of you to move up, “just in case you hit a great one”, and then hitting it right to where they were before they moved.


Not Cool:  Not waiting for the group ahead of you to move and hitting into them, even if it was the best shot of your life.




Cool:  Following the course’s cart rules and not driving too close to the greens and tee boxes.



Not Cool:  Parking right next to the green or tee box.





Cool:  Being honest and admitting that you can’t find your ball when hit in a rough area.



Not Cool:  Claiming and hitting a ball that you found “close to where yours should have been”.





Cool:  Shaking the hands of everyone in your group after your round is over.



Not Cool:  Putting out on the 18th (unhappy with your score) and ignoring the rest of your group while huffing and puffing on the way to your car, throwing your clubs in the back and slamming the trunk before spinning your tires out of the parking lot.




Cool:  Having a great time on the golf course, having a few laughs and maybe even some fist pumps.



Not Cool:  Having SO much fun that the entire golf course can hear your overpowering laughs and yells as if you were making a hole-in-one on every hole during your round.




Cool:  Having the best round of your life.



Not Cool:  Letting everyone in your life hear about that best round of your life everyday for the entire year.





Cool:  Having a cool GPS or Rangefinder to tell you that the pin is 227 yards away.



Not cool:  Using a GPS or Rangefinder when you are 25 yards away.





Cool:  Having fun!



Not Cool:  Not having fun.




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