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Cleveland CG Black Fairway Wood Review

One of the most beautiful things about shopping online for your next fairway wood purchase is the abundance of reviews from every possible source. It’s hard to be certain if random reviews found on the Internet can be trusted, but we’re here to help you choose your next new or gently used golf club. Here are a few of our favorite fairways:

Callaway RAZR Fit Fairway Wood

Callaway RAZR Fit Fairway Wood ReviewAlthough the Callaway RAZR Fit fairway didn’t earn better than a silver award on the Golf Digest Hot List, this adjustable fairway wood has a lot to boast. It’s a highly forgivable wood with an adjustable face angle and a very traditional look, perfect for the casual or beginning golfer. The clubhead floats lower to the ground than many other fairways making it very easy to hit.

Callaway X Hot Fairway Wood

These highly playable, solid fairways are great for a lot of conditions, but they may not be perfect for every player. Thin, driver-like faces are forgiving and have a lot of spring; still, many golfers struggle to get the ball in the air due to lower lofts than comparable models. Their large faces are good for straightforward shots, but can, at times, be difficult to hit out of tight spots or deeper lies.

Cleveland CG Black Fairway Wood

Cleveland CG Black Fairway Wood ReviewDesigned with weekend golfers in mind, the Cleveland CG Black fairway wood is optimized for swings below 95 miles per hour. Lightweight construction and a lower, rearward center of gravity helps generate faster swing speeds and the clubface is forgiving, even for beginning golfers. However, if you already have a fast swing speed or constantly play in windy conditions, this club’s extremely light weight may not be the best option.

TaylorMade Rocketballz Fairway Wood

Like other improved fairways, the TaylorMade Rocketballz fairway wood has a bigger, thinner clubface than previous models, along with an adjusted center of gravity. It’s big and forgiving, but slightly heavier than competitor models, giving a player with a faster swing some bulk to back them up. Players with slow or shallow swings can have trouble getting the ball off the ground.

TaylorMade Rocketballz Stage 2 Fairway Wood

TaylorMade Rocketballz Stage 2 Fairway Wood ReviewAn improvement on the original Rocketballz, the TaylorMade Rocketballz Stage 2 fairway wood offers an even thinner, stronger alloy face and improved Speed Pocket on the sole to increase forgiveness and the spring like effect on contact. The Tour models offer an adjustable loft that can be a game changer if you learn how to use them properly. Faster swinging players will love the improvement, but slower-swingers may struggle to control the longer shaft.

Titleist 910F Fairway Wood

Despite the high level of adjustability on the Titleist 910F fairway wood, it can be a hard club for high handicappers to hit consistently because of the relatively low-spinning, small clubhead. Even so, the club does well in all kinds of terrain, including thick grass, and lofts adjustable to 21 degrees will get the ball moving as long as you hit it fairly square. If you’re looking for more distance, try the Titleist 910Fd fairway wood — it’s the same technology fitted with a slightly larger head and fewer adjustment options.

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