Finding The Best Used Drivers Golf

Used golf drivers
Used golf drivers

Used golf drivers don’t have to be in rough shape

Finding the best used drivers in golf, be they Callaways, TaylorMades or Titleists, takes more than a little patience and a lot of care to ensure that you’re getting the best deal for your money. After all, if you’re paying close to full price for one or two year old clubs, you might as well buy new. Choosing used clubs is a great way to get into the pricier, feature-packed drivers without blowing your golf budget.

Every golfer wants to improve their game dramatically, but no matter how many balls you shoot, without the right equipment you can only get so much distance from the tee. That’s where high tech clubs like the Titleist 910D2/D3 and 913D2/D3, Callaway Razr Fits and X Hot, and TaylorMade R1, R11S, and Rocketballz series come into the picture.

Unlike your old vanilla driver, these newer generation clubs are designed to improve your swing in every conceivable way – bigger, lighter-weight heads and adjustments that allow you to custom fit your club beyond the pro shop are just a few of the reasons golfers are turning to technology to improve their games. No matter what the flaw in your swing, one of these high tech clubs has a feature or two meant to compensate for it (or at least improve it) – you just have to learn how to properly use the equipment.

You’d think this kind of science would be expensive and you’d be right. New clubs can be pricey, but with the increased frequency that manufacturers are releasing clubs these days, the driver of your dreams is bound to end up on the used market sooner rather than later. Just because the price is right, doesn’t mean it’s the club for you good, though. Make sure to read the reviews and maybe even visit your pro shop to swing your dream drivers a few times before you make your final selection.

When buying used drivers, look for clubs with little wear (though there will be minor dings and scratches if they’ve been used much at all), club heads that fit tightly and most importantly, a retailer who will back their products. It’s easy to buy a driver off of eBay or from a buddy, but if the club isn’t what it’s supposed to be, resolving the problem can be difficult.

Pro shops and other club retailers often take used clubs in on trade from customers looking to upgrade – these establishments test and check each club to ensure they’re ready to play. It’s simply not worth it for a company whose reputation is built on quality club sales to risk it on one unhappy customer. No matter how reputable the retailer, though, check around to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Finding some of the best used drivers in golf takes a little extra patience and time, but when you’re playing the greatest golf of your life on discounted clubs, you’ll be glad you made the investment. After all, any game is more fun with the right equipment on hand.

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