Footjoy Closeout: SYNR-G

Footjoy Synr-g’s have several features that make them one of the best shoes on the market today.  The ECL (Extreme Comfort Leather) system is their waterproofing system which is 30% softer than previous leathers that were used.  They come with a 2-year waterproof warranty!  The memory foam which is around the tongue and collar of the shoe is similar to what is used in mattresses.  It molds to your foot for a custom fit.  The HeelLoc Zone is the silicone heel which reduces slipping and friction.  This helps keep you harnassed inside the shoe.  The EVA Midsole dampens shock and adds some extreme cushioning.  A stable foundation is vital for a good golf shoe.  The G-Force Tri-density TPU Outsole gives you stability throughout all stages of the golf swing (pretty important stuff if you ask me!).  One of Footjoy’s best features in my opinion is the Dual OptiFlex sole, which is what I think gives them that amazing comfort and flexibility when walking.  Top all of these features off with the use of Stinger cleats by Champ (extra green friendly I might add), and you have one of the best golf shoes on the market!  If you haven’t tried on a pair of these, all I can say is you are missing out.


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