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The PGA Value Guide has 57 brands listed.  While not all of those are still in business or still manufacturing clubs, that sure is a lot of brands to choose from when it comes to golf equipment.  If you think about brands for many other things in our lives, there isn’t nearly as many brands to choose from (cell phones, computers, cars, airlines, etc.).  There are a handful of brands in the golf business that would be considered the “leaders”.  I wanted to go through most of those leaders (in today’s market) and point out what I like best about each one (short and sweet, otherwise I could on and on about each with nitty gritty details).  We have many models available for each brand.  Check them out and you might just find the next addition to your bag.


One of the first name brand drivers I purchased many years ago was an Adams.  I liked it a lot, but I feel that they have improved their equipment exponentially since then.  Their players drivers are particularly nice (9015D and 9064 being my favorites) and the hybrids they make are in my opinion the best on the market.  I also have really liked their iron-sets.  Hopefully they can continue to improve their putters and wedges.



I have been a “Bridgestone Guy” for a few years now after purchasing the J36 Pocket Cavities (still using them).  I have also owned the J33 CB’s and the J33 fairway woods (I still have the 3, 5, and 7-woods).  I always felt Bridgestone was a little underrated, especially their iron-sets.  If you haven’t tried Bridgestone equipment, don’t hesitate to give it a shot, they are just solid all around.



Callaway is one of those companies that I haven’t really owned a lot of but find myself loving just about everything they make.  Each year they seem to release a new driver that is a slight improvement over the previous years model.  They make some of the longest drivers out there and their game improvement irons are some of the best.You should also check out used Callaway irons we have at our store.



Being known for making some of the best wedges in the business, Cleveland really makes nice clubs all the way around.  Their iron-set lines and all of their woods are really nice.  I’ve always been a fan of how their drivers look (especially as of late).  Very classic looking.  Also, the black pearl finish they offer in most of their wedges and irons is amazing to look at.



Cobra has been hit and miss with me, but for the most part they have impressed me with their forgiving and long drivers as well as their really easy to hit fairway woods.  Some of my best rounds ever were played with a Cobra driver.  Hitting fairways is a pretty important part of the game!




Mizuno, by far, is best known for their awesome forged irons.  I’ve owned a few of those iron-sets and it is pretty tough to beat the feel you get from them when you strike them well.  The combination of look and feel that they have puts Mizuno irons at or near the top.  Don’t forget about their great line of woods too.  Underrated in my opinion, especially their fairway woods and hybrids.



I think Nike has come a long way in the golf industry.  Obviously having Tiger Woods helps a ton, but they have really made some nice clubs over the years, including one of my favorites of all time, the SQ 460 Tour.  Their current line of wedges are awesome.  Anyone in the market for wedges needs to at least try some Nike’s.  They also seem to be doing some nice things with adjustable woods, something everyone can benefit from.



When a company only manufactures one thing, they are most likely going to get it right.  Odyssey only manufactures putters and they make some really nice ones.  They have always had a nice variety of insert putters and solid putters.  There is a reason they are one of the leaders.




Drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters.  Ping makes them all very well.  I can’t say enough good things about their drivers and wedges.  The G15 driver is the best I’ve ever hit and their wedges are amazing.  Their irons are awesome too, I only wish they made a few more choices of “players” irons.  Then again, I’ve hit their game improvement iron-sets and they really aren’t too bad to look at after you realize how much they help your game.



There is a reason so many people play TaylorMade equipment.  You can pretty much grab anything with TaylorMade on it and it will help improve your game.  Their fairway woods and wedges are my particular favorites.  They have some awesome technology built into their equipment.  When searching for new clubs, TaylorMade should always be an option.



Not much needs to be said about the most popular name in golf.  Having Vokey and Scotty Cameron in your corner certainly helps things.  I have always found it amazing how Titleist continues to product such great iron-sets.  They seem to be the ideal choice for players with handicaps at 10 or below.  Their woods line has taken huge strides in the past few years as well.


These are the leaders in the golf industry right now.  It is such a competitive industry, especially as each company excels at so many things.  I have always taken pride in having a mixed bag of manufacturers.  I like to play what works best for me and that is usually a little bit from each one.



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