Why A Golf Caddie Is Important

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The golf caddie is the golfer’s closest aid. Without the caddie, a golfer would be on their own, lost, without advice. The golf caddie is there to help.

When you watch golf, you’ll see the golf caddie shadowing a golfer from hole to hole.¬†Although many people think they are nothing more than a personal servant, they can actually be seen as part psychologist, part coach and part cheerleader.

A good golf caddie will perform the essential job duties, such as:

  • Carrying the bag
  • Cleaning the ball
  • Raking the bunkers
  • Replacing divots
  • Holding the flag

But the mark of an exceptional golf caddie is to be aware of the challenges and obstacles on the golf course. This includes:

  • Checking yardages
  • Identifying landing spots
  • Identifying “danger” areas to avoid
  • Checking the slope and breaks in the green
  • Collecting information about weather patterns

And if the golf caddie is really good, they will give strategic advice on how a golfer can improve their game. To give feedback, a golf caddie must be able to read a player’s moods, recognize when to talk and when silenced is needed. And there is the matter of being able to lift up his spirits when things go down.

Many professional golf caddies act like moral/metal support during play and often they give players words of encouragement. Golfers must maintain a positive attitude and regain their confidence if they’ve suffered from bad shots or missed putts. Golf caddies help keep the mind focused and emotions in check.

There’s a whole lot more to the job than being an assistant. Golf caddies act as a guide, philosopher, friend, teammate and best friend. They have even been described as a “wife without the benefits.”

The position of golf caddie is not a glorious one. After all, the golfer is hitting the shots. But the support provided by a golf caddie is fundamental to any competitive match. Golf caddies deserve a lot more credit than people give them.

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