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We’re One in a 133 Million!
(a kick-off note from 3balls Golf Blog Creative Director)

I just googled thoroughly investigated the question of how many blogs exist. Turns out there are one hundred and thirty three million blogs currently indexed online! Even after you discount those written by, or about, cats and cat related activities, that still leaves hundreds and hundreds of unique blogs dealing with every conceivable topic under the sun! (evenly split between politics and sports). That’s a lot of choices.

So Why Does The Blogosphere Need The New 3balls Golf Blog:

For Starters, it probably doesn’t. But that’s ok.

We’re not doing this to become THE #1 DEFINITIVE GOLF BLOG IN THE UNIVERSE. Our goals are (just as noble, but) much more humble than that.

Mostly we just wanted to create another space (outside of our website and Facebook) where we could connect with you, our friends, customers and fellow golf nuts about this sport we love so much.

Our Fanatical Blog Contributors:

I recently made up a statistic that shows that the average office in America has 1.2 avid golfers per cubicle block. If you are one of them, (or if you’ve seen them in action) then you know that the main objective of any of their conversations is to steer the topic towards Golf as quickly as possible and then sustain it all the way up to the point of, but not including, threats of employment termination.

Consider what it’s like here at 3balls World Headquarters, where there’s another rabid golf nut at every desk.  There’s nothing but golf being talked all day, every day. And around here, that’s considered productivity.

We decided to harness that power to provide the content of this blog. Our contributors will be sharing an “insider” perspective that we hope you’ll find interesting and helpful. (we’ll throw in some flubs now and then just to keep things fresh).

Dialogue: That’s What We Want.

Our hope is that this blog will be driven as much by your responses as it is by our content. We want to hear from you! Chime in! Offer feedback, ask questions, share your own ideas. We are interested in whatever you have to say! *

*Disclaimer: Comments should be kindly put, non-libelous and at least remotely related to the world of Golf, since that’s what this particular blog is about.  (If your interests run more to the cat-authored, and cat related activity variety, shoot me an email and ‘ll make some referrals).



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