Here Are Five Deals to Consider

Surely if you are reading this blog, you have spent a little bit of time browsing around  While you most likely don’t need any help finding all the awesome deals we have on the site, I thought I’d go through and point out the ones that I think are great deals based on the product and the price.

Great Deal #1:  Footjoy FJ Icon Blems and Closeouts

Leave it to me to pick out one of the most expensive pairs of golf shoes we have to offer, but the Icon is one great looking shoe.  It is the shoe a lot of tour players wear and we have several styles to choose from.  I have several pairs of Footjoys and the Icons are definitely the best looking pair of the bunch.  You’ll see that we have the Blems and Closeouts, which don’t take anything away from the shoe (except the price!).  I have a pair of the Blems and I couldn’t find anything different about them.  They are not my favorite pair to walk in (that nod goes to the FJ Dryjoys) but they are definitely comfortable enough to walk 18 holes in.  $150 may be more than a lot of people want to spend on a golf shoe, but that is a great deal for a shoe of this quality.  The guys on tour have their choice of shoe and many of them choose this one.  FJ must be doing something right.

Great Deal #2:  Titleist 909D2 Surefit Driver

If you are even remotely in the market for a new driver, take a look at the 909D2 Surefit’s we have.  I have personally hit this driver on several occasions and I can honestly say that it is one of the better drivers I’ve hit.  I’ve also hit the D3 and the D-Comp, and while they are solid, the D2 is the one.  Long and forgiving.  I can also tell you not to shy away from the SureFit part of this club.  There is no playability difference at all between the SureFit and the normal retail model.  If I were in the market for a new driver I would seriously be considering the 909D2.  We have them for a great price and a few different specs available.  Check them out.

Great Deal #3:  Adidas ClimaLite 3-Stripes Polo

If you took a look at my closet, you’d find a bunch of different golf polo’s.  I have a bunch of brands and styles.  Overall my favorite “all around” golf shirts are the adidas shirts.  They look great, fit great, feel great, and are perfect for both hot weather and cooler weather.  Throw in the fact that I didn’t go broke buying them, they are definitely great.  We have them for under $30, and if you buy more than one, you can save even more money.  Under $30 for a name brand golf shirt is something that you can’t afford to pass up.


Great Deal #4:  Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl Tour Zip Groove Wedge

I haven’t yet moved on to the conforming wedges, but I have been considering it.  One of the wedges that I’ve been considering is the CG16 Black Pearl with Tour Zip Grooves.  I’ve always liked Cleveland wedges and they have really been producing some nice ones as of late.  At under $100 for a Like New CG16, it is hard not to pick a set of these up.  I’ve tried these out a few times and that laser milled grooves really do produce a lot of spin considering it is still a conforming groove wedge.  Throw in the fact they have that great looking Black Pearl finish and there isn’t much to dislike.  We have a ton of specs available you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the loft/bounce combination that’s right for you.

Great Deal #5:  Nike Dri-Fit No Show 3-Pack Men’s Socks

If there is one thing I learned a long time ago, it is you can never have enough socks, especially when you are a golfer.  Walking 18 holes will put your feet to the test.  When I am playing a lot of golf I find myself wearing a clean pair of socks for the round and another pair for before/after the round.  You go through a lot of clean socks at that rate.  I personally have more pairs of these Dri-Fit’s than I can count and it was one of the best purchases I’ve made, especially for under $10 a pair.

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