Hot Clubs, Pro Style: Enter the PGA Driver Derby

Titleist Golf Putter

Titleist Golf Putter

Golfers in the know realize that there’s more to their sport than just watching guys hit balls with sticks all day.  The sticks themselves are incredible feats of technology, and deservingly have a contest all their own going on each and every year.  Welcome to the PGA Driver Derby.  Usually, the PGA keeps a list of just the winning drivers of each event, but as of 2015, putters have been added, making the Derby that much more exciting.

Driver Derby: Where Rivalries Begin

The Driver Derby is a PGA tradition where brand loyalties are tested and gear rivalries are born.  Last year, it was the Titleist 913D2 and 913D3 fighting against the TaylorMade SLDR for the top slot.  This year, TaylorMade and Titleist are still duking it out for the top position.  As of July 20, Titleist has the most wins in the Driver Derby, at 13.  TaylorMade is hot on their heels, though, with 11.

In the contest for the ultimate putter, Titleist’s Scotty Cameron sticks are blowing away the competition with 16 wins to the nearest competitor, with Callaway’s Odyssey line, at just six wins.  Unlike last year, when it was an “every club model for itself” style contest, the PGA has grouped clubs into teams by manufacturer instead of manufacturer and model.  That means that both players carrying Cameron 009 putters and the Cameron GoLos can work together to better the reputation of their brand.

The same goes for the driver competition, so Jordan Spieth’s four wins this year with his Titleist 915D2 go into the same pool as Zach Johnson’s recent upset at the Open with his 913D2.  On the flip side, clubs that have a lot of different models in the field can expect to be better represented in the top four at the end of the year.  This is great news for Callaway and Ping who had four and seven different club models represented in 2014, respectively.  When wins are tallied by the model, that much variety makes it hard to even place.

Here at, we eagerly watch the progression of the Driver Derby every year, but with the way Team Titleist’s golfers like Spieth, Johnson and Jimmy Walker have been playing, they’re going to be hard to touch.

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