How to Re-Grip Your Golf Clubs

When you’re buying used golf clubs, you’re looking for a great value. It’s exciting to find a top brand golf club selling much cheaper than you thought you could find it. We know all about that around here at 3balls, we spend all day looking for great values on used golf clubs that we can offer to our customers.

We also know that a great value on used golf clubs is more than just a matter of a great price. It’s how you feel about the club when it gets to your house. That’s why we pay careful attention to all the details of every golf club we sell. All the way down to the grip.

Having a functional golf grip is a key to good golf performance. that’s why we make sure that every golf club we sell has a playable grip before it leaves our warehouse and gets shipped to our customer’s door.

This little video shows how we re-grip golf clubs. This technique for re-gripping golf clubs can be used by any golfer to change their own golf grips.

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