How To Adjust The 2016 TaylorMade M1 Driver

taylormade m1 driver loft sleeve

You have your eye on the 2016 TaylorMade M1 driver but aren’t sure what it can do for your game. While the adjustments available on the club may look confusing, they’re quite simple. Taking a closer look at the T-Track system and loft sleeve shows how helpful an adjusting club can be.

2016 TaylorMade M1 T-Track System

taylormade m1 driver t track system

Sliding weight tracks are not a new concept for TaylorMade. The SLDR and R15 feature weight tracks to control left or right shot shapes. The 2016 TaylorMade M1 adds to this concept, introducing another track to control the height of the shot.

The front track, which runs parallel to the face, has a 15-gram weight. Adjusting the weight toward the toe of the club promotes a fade. Moving the weight toward the heel gives a draw bias to the shot. To make it easy to remember, TaylorMade puts the words “Fade” and “Draw” on the track.

The new rear track has a 10-gram weight that controls the height of the shot. It runs perpendicular to the front track. Moving the weight toward the face will lower the ball flight. Putting the weight further back raises the ball flight. Again, TaylorMade makes it easy to remember by putting “Low” and “High” on the track.

So, how can this help your game? First, to adjust the track weights, unscrew the weights enough to allow them to move back and forth. Move the weights to the desired position and tighten until the tool clicks once. Right-handed golfers struggling with hitting the ball left can move the front weight toward the “Fade” side. Doing so lets the heel come through the ball faster, making it easier to hit the ball right. Equally, golfers struggling with shots going right can adjust the weight to the “Draw” side. This setting lets the toe come through faster, letting shots go left easier. Shots hit too low or too high can be adjusted accordingly with the rear weight. Whatever height a golfer struggles with, move the weight toward the opposite word. Simple enough!

Loft Sleeve

2016 taylormade m1 driver loft sleeve

The loft sleeve that goes into the club head also aids with shot shaping. There are 12 positions to adjust the loft and face angle available. You can adjust the loft up or down 2 degrees from the stamped loft on the club. The “higher” position is the full 2 degrees of more loft. “Lower” signifies 2 degrees less loft. The dash marks in between the “higher” and “lower” markings represent ½ degree increments.

Adjusting the sleeve is as easy too. Simply unscrew the shaft from the club head by turning the screw counter-clockwise. Once completely separated, find the setting you would like and insert the shaft back into the club head, matching the setting with the arrow that is on the hosel. Turn the screw clockwise until the tool clicks once and you are all set!


There you have it, folks! Simple adjustments on the TaylorMade 2016 M1 driver helps adjust ball flight to straighten out drives.

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