How You Adjust Cobra King F6 and F6+ Drivers

The Cobra King F6 and F6+ drivers are the most adjustable clubs the company has come out with. Adjustable weights on the sole and hosel adjustments give your tee shots the perfect ball flight. “How do they all work,” you ask?

Adjusting the Cobra King F6 and F6+ is simple. We’ll teach how to change the settings on each club and what those changes do for you. We begin with the Cobra King F6.

Cobra King F6 Driver Adjustments

cobra king F6 driver

There are 2 things you can adjust on the F6 driver, the CG and loft. Looking at the sole, you’ll see 2 ports, one with a colored weight and a black “weight” in the other. The colored weight is 10 grams (stock). The black “weight” actually doesn’t weigh anything. It simply fills the opposite port as the colored weight so nothing gets stuck in it.

King F6 ball flight

Switching the positions of these weights is how you change the CG position. Placing the colored weight in the forward position (near the face) lowers the ball flight and gives you more roll out. Putting it in the back position does the opposite, high ball flight for more carry and spin.

To switch the weights, take the tool you got with the driver and unscrew each until they come all the way out. When screwing them back in, tighten until the tool clicks once. The click lets you know the weight is securely tightened.

Cobra King F6 MyFly hosel

You can change the loft on the Cobra King F6 driver using the MyFly hosel. After using the tool to take off the head (the screw is on the sole, towards the heel of the club), you’ll notice the numbers on the hosel. Each of the 8 settings represents a loft and/or face angle setting. Find the one you need and insert the shaft back into the head so the loft you want is in the “window,” labeled MyFly loft. Tighten the head like you did the weight, stopping when you hear it click once.

Cobra King F6+ Driver Adjustments

Cobra F6+ driver sliding weight

The Cobra King F6+ driver takes the same idea of CG adjustments in the King F6 driver and takes it a step further. The sliding weight on the sole weighs 18 grams and lets you fine tune the ball flight. As in the King F6, moving the weight all the way forward lowers the ball flight. Putting the weight all the way back raises ball flight and spin. In between these extremes, you get 3 other positions to put the weight.

King F6+ Ball flight

Adjust the sliding weight just like the weight on the King F6 driver, with a small difference. You don’t need to loosen the weight until it comes completely out (although you can). Simply loosen it until it slides and tighten it back down again until the tool clicks.

The MyFly hosel adjustments are the same as the King F6 driver. Find the loft/trajectory setting you want, put that in the “window” as you put the head back on, tighten and go.

Easy Peasy…

That’s all there is to adjusting the Cobra King F6 and F6+ drivers. These simple, yet effective changes help you dial in the perfect launch settings so you can bomb your drives. Bought a driver and don’t have a wrench? You can purchase just the wrench on our site.


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