What Can the Ladies SLDR Drivers Do For Your Game?

Woman swinging golf club in tropical location

Woman swinging golf club in tropical location

Lady golfers, there’s a new driver in town and it’s one you’ll want in your bags, no matter what stage of the game you’re at. The TaylorMade SLDR drivers are a phenomenal family of clubs, designed from the bottom up with a whole new set of thinking. The women’s SLDRs are wholly unique among ladies’ golf clubs. They’re not the only adjustable drivers in the market, but they are the only ones that feature a low and forward center of gravity. One trip the driving range will show you what this will do for your game — let’s take a look at what’s behind the curtain.

The SLDR Driver is Guaranteed to Perform

TaylorMade is so proud of their SLDR drivers that they’ve added a money-back distance guarantee; they’re banking on that low and forward center of gravity to send your ball cutting through the wind with a lower spin rate. Lower spins tend to equal more yardage, especially when it’s coupled with a higher driver loft.

The ladies’ SLDR comes in just two lofts: 10.5 and 12 degrees, but the adjustable loft sleeve allows you to dial your loft up or down by a total of 1.5 degrees. So, that 12 degree driver could become a 13.5 if you’re just starting out in golf and be taken all the way down to 10.5 degrees as your swing matures. Most women need higher lofts to help them get their ball up in the air, since they tend to swing in a sweeping arc, with the SLDR that extra loft won’t penalize you with unwanted ball spin.

Of course, the loft isn’t the only thing that SLDR drivers have to boast about — their namesake, the sliding weight system, is a pretty slick feature, too. The 20-gram weight is permanently affixed to a track, allowing you to adjust it on the go without risking losing the weight on the course. Sliding it toward the heel end encourages a swing that goes off to the left; sliding the weight to the toe help with ball travel to the right.

The sliding weight technology can be used in two different ways, depending on your level of play. Experienced golfers may use the weight to help them shape shots, but even beginning golfers can use the weight to help compensate for their persistent draws or fades. As a new player gets stronger and their swing straightens out, they only need to unscrew the weight and move it to a more neutral position.

Women’s drivers have come a long way in the last decade — it’s a great time to be a female golfer! Check out the prices we’ve got on the Ladies’ SLDR and other great women’s drivers at 3balls.com, where we’re saving you yards and big bucks every day.

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