How Are Left-Handed Golf Clubs Different?

sign that says lefties

sign that says lefties

Every time TaylorMade, Ping or Nike announce an upcoming club release, golfers everywhere wait with bated breath to see exactly what sort of gem is in store.  It’s almost like Christmas with all the buzzing around and anticipation – that is, except for the lefties in the golf club.  Unfortunately, it’s almost a given that these neat new clubs will debut with right-hand only options, leaving anybody who wields left-handed golf clubs to wait until the waters have been thoroughly tested.

Lefties have it rough – from their limited selection of used golf equipment to being generally behind the curve when it comes to the newest tech, but does it really have to be this way?  Are left-handed golf clubs all that different?  Unfortunately, there is actually a pretty big difference between left-handed golf clubs and right-handed golf clubs.

What Makes a Left-Handed Club?

Left-handed clubs may seem like they’re pretty much the same as their right-handed counterparts, but they are actually the mirror of these clubs.  So, if they were lined up head to head, one’s front would be the other’s back.  This is because left-handed golfers approach the ball from the opposite side from righties, simply enough.  The face of a left-handed club would point away from the ball at a right-hand address, making the club impossible to use.

This is why left-handed golfers usually feel pretty shorted when it comes to factory-fresh golf gear.  Luckily, more and more left-handed golfers are refusing to wait patiently for their turn or simply give in and learn to shoot right-handed, and golf manufacturers are hearing their frustrated cries.  There was a time not long ago when left-handed gear was nearly impossible to find, but today manufacturers like TaylorMade, Titleist and Callaway have left-handed versions of all their most popular offerings.

Unfortunately, the left-handed market is still pretty small, with only one in 10 golfers shooting from the left.  This means you won’t have nearly as many options, but at least when you find the club you’re looking for, you can be assured that the big manufacturers won’t price gouge you just for swinging from the other side of the tee.

You can find some pretty good collections of left-handed gear at specialty stores on the web, but few of them offer the sheer volume of used golf equipment that we have at  Because of your gently used trade-ins, we’re able to offer great prices to other left-handed players on all the best clubs in the game.  Stop by our website and take a look!

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