Lightning Strikes Dumb Golfers


Every spring, people head out to the golf course to celebrate the beginning of a brand new golf season. Being outside after a long, cold winter is a great feeling. But, when it comes to the weather, some golfers ignore the looming thunderstorm overhead.

Before we get started, let’s make something very clear. First of all, we would never discourage you from playing golf. Second, a little rain never hurt nobody. But if you have any common sense, you should know to avoid the golf course if there’s inclement weather.

The spring season is the time of the year for lightning strikes, and we’re going to get a little bit snarky.

Yes, golfers get hit by lightning every year. And well, we think they’re stupid. You’re a complete moron if you’re teeing it up outside when the weatherman is calling for showers.

Just think about it. You’re one of the only standing objects on a large, open, and flat surface where there aren’t any trees or shelter. There’s no protection and you’re a beacon in a sea of green, perfectly manicured grass.

Golf Lightning

What’s worse is that you’ve got a golf club in your hands, or possibly a whole bag of 14 balanced on your back. Holding a metal stick is not a good idea when lightning is a threat. You’re asking for a Darwin Award.

You might be too old to know what the Darwin Awards are. That’s all right. We’ll give you a lesson in pop culture. If you go to the Darwin Awards website, you’ll read:

Honoring those who improve the species…. by accidentally removing themselves from it!

The Darwin Awards post about people who experience a tragic, but humorous death, usually because of sheer stupidity. They didn’t mean to kill themselves. But what they were doing was so stupid, they kind of deserved it. You can read some of the crazy stories here.

It’s true that you might get hit by lightning even if you’re careful. This is what happened to Lee Trevino when he was playing at the 1975 Western Open. A buddy and he were hit because their shoes had metal spikes in them. They were lucky – they survived.

We think most people are intelligent, reasonable, and rational. But most “clubheads” aren’t. This message is for them. We know you’re 100% passionate about the game but it’s not worth risking your life over.

Hit the course when it’s sunny outside. Don’t start playing when rainclouds are brewing in the distance. It’s a freaking no-brainer. It kills us that we have to write this.



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