Most Famous Caddies of 2016

Have you ever wondered about who is carrying bags for some of the most famous golfers in the world? Here’s our list of the most well-known caddies for 2016.

Tiger Woods

Caddy: Joe LaCava


Joe LaCava has been caddying for Tiger Woods since 2011.  He formerly caddied for Fred Couples and Dustin Johnson. A veteran of the golf course, LaCava has been a caddy on the PGA Tour for 30 years.

LaCava has been a loyal companion despite Woods’ hiatus from golf. Woods has undergone a series of back surgeries which kept him out of the game for much of 2014 and 2015. This brought up the fate of LaCava and if he would caddy for another golfer in Woods’ absence.

Despite the long break, LaCava did not stray in case Woods decided to return to golf much earlier than anticipated. LaCava and Woods were last seen together at the Hero World Challenge this past week.

Jason Day

Caddy: Colin Swatton


Colin Swatton was first an instructor to a 12-year-old Jason Day – now he is a caddie. Day has risen to the top of the world rankings. This fact alone makes Swatton one of the most famous caddies on Tour.

Swatton, also known as “Col,” mentored Day at a local golf club in Queensland and at his college golf academy. It was in college that Day became one of the top junior players in the world. Swatton started as Day’s caddie in 2006.

Also, Swatton is not the only caddie to have an employer with health issues. In 2015, during the U.S. Open, Day collapsed from vertigo. Swatton was the first person to render aid. Eventually the wooziness wore off and Day pulled off the improbable victory.

One of the highest paid caddies in the world, Swatton earned a whopping $1.28 million this past year. That’s more than most AFL, NRL, Super Rugby or A-League players.

Rory McIlroy

Caddy: J.P. Fitzgerald


For the past eight years, J.P. Fitzgerald has been on Rory McIlroy’s bag. Fitzgerald started with McIlroy when he was 200th in the world. Now, he’s second. The two men are close friends who have been through thick and thin.

Fitzgerald has been bold enough to tell McIlroy that he shouldn’t use a particular club, like what happened at the 2011 Masters. Fitzgerald recommended McIlroy use a 3-wood from the tee instead of driver.  He isn’t afraid to tell his employer what to do.

Not only is there pressure to be a good caddie, but there is some expectation to be a guide as well. McIlroy is a young gun but more mature than most golfers. Fitzgerald does just that by acting as a mentor which is probably why he earned an eye-opening $1.4 million tip after the 2016 FedEx Cup.

Dustin Johnson

Caddy: Austin Johnson


Austin Johnson has been Dustin’s caddie since late 2013. Tall and athletic, he seems to be a perfect fit for his older brother. Austin replaced his former caddie Bobby Brown.

As soon as Austin joined team Johnson, the two started to pick up wins immediately. In November 2013, Dustin won at the HSBC Champions in China. In 2015, he claimed victory at the WGC-Cadillac Championship. Then in 2016, he secured a win at the U.S. Open.

But not everybody believes Austin makes for a good teammate. Many Tour insiders say that Austin is unable to aid his brother like a professional caddie. All we know is that Dustin Johnson is no. 3 in the world rankings. He’s doing something right.

Henrik Stenson

Caddy: Gareth Lord

Gareth Lord started to work with Henrik Stenson at the beginning of 2013. His career turned him into a caddie although he once dreamed of being a professional golfer himself.

He is known for his astute observation and was the first to identify a clicking noise coming from Tiger Woods’ knee.

Lord is also known for his lavish lifestyle. He jets around the world in private planes, has multiple residences in Monaco and Coventry, and enjoys frequenting bars. And he’s received a million dollar income in the past.

Jordan Spieth

Caddy: Michael Greller

Michael Greller was a 5th- and 6th-grade math teacher moonlighting as a caddie on the weekends. He didn’t think being a caddie was in his future. He had a job, kids, a wife, and a house to take care of already.

Spieth and Greller met each other during the 2011 U.S. Junior Amateur at Gold Mountain. When they won, Greller caddied for him again at the 2012 U.S. Open at the Olympic Club. Then Greller was offered the job.

Ever since Greller has been a mentor to the young Spieth. When Spieth double-bogeyed at the 17th hole on Round 3 of the Masters tournament, Greller kept him calm all the way to the 18th.  Greller is comfortable with his role of being a teacher.

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