My Favorite “Old” Clubs

After reading an article by Golf Digest talking about some classic clubs that have won on tour this year, found here, I decided to make a list of my favorite older clubs (old to a 27 year old like me) that still perform great.  All of these I have tried and loved.  I’ve included the current PGA Value Guide mid trade-in value for each.

Bridgestone J33 Fairway Wood ($11.85)

Of all the older clubs on my list, this one is my favorite.  The J33 is still in a lot of bags out there.  I have the 15* 3-wood that I use all the time but I also have the 5 and 7-woods, which get used once in a while as well.  In my opinion, the look the J33 has is as good as it gets.  Small, square at address, no alignment aid, and medium sized face depth (makes it perfect for off the tee or off the fairway).  I’ve been in love with the J33 since I first used it several years back.  A lot of good players will tell you to find a 3-wood you love and to stick with it, I couldn’t agree more.

Nike Sasquatch 460 Tour Driver ($17.14)

Tiger used this driver for the majority of his “winning” years.  I’ve used it off and on for many years now.  It has a nice classic look but is still 460cc.  It makes a nice sound (not loud like the similar Sumo series) and feels great especially when you hit it in the center.  After hitting it side by side with some of the newer drivers, I don’t think it is as long, but overall it certainly holds its own in overall performance.  I’ll own one of these for a long time.

Callaway Steelhead Fairway Woods ($2.09)

For a long time I gamed a Callaway Steelhead 7-wood.  I originally had the 5-wood but the lofts were a little strong compared to current lofts, so I hit it a little too far.  I dropped down the to the 7-wood and loved it even more.  I hit it high and long.  Not to mention it was SO easy to hit, even off of sketchy lies.  Probably my favorite thing about this club is that it was the type of club that I could hit off of rocks or a cartpath and not worry about it.  There are many of them out there and they are pretty cheap.  Easy to replace if something goes wrong.  Don’t let this club fool you, if you are searching for a solid fairway wood for a good price, find one of these for $20 and give it a try.  You won’t regret it.

Adams Idea Pro Hybrid ($16.68)

There have many different models with the name “Idea Pro”, but I’m talking about the original one.  It is hard to believe that this great club came out in 2007.  I played a lot of rounds with these hybrids.  I did have a little trouble hitting them consistently (an issue I have with hybrids) but I can tell you that when you flush one with the Idea Pro, it is a feeling that you don’t get with too many other clubs.  The newer Adams hybrids are nice too, but they certainly did something right with the original Idea Pro.

TaylorMade RAC TP 2005 Irons ($69.19)

Just like the name says, these irons were released in 2005 and I used them on several occasions and they are really, really nice.  The have a classic look but offer some forgiveness with their cavity back design.  The look at address rivals all of my other favorite irons and they feel really great when you are hitting them well.  I ended up going for something a little more forgiving, but had I been a little more consistent with my ball striking, I’d probably have these in my bag (check to see if you can get this golf club used).

Ping Anser 2 Putter ($7.50)

Ping has been a powerhouse in the golf industry for a long time now.  I think their best club ever produced was the Anser 2 putter.  Introduced in 1979, this putter has led to nearly every other golf manufacturer copying the design with small changes.  I’ve used this putter on several occasions, as well as many other manufacturers similar designs, and there is a reason it is so popular.  It is very solid.  The only thing I’d change about the Ping version is it feels a little light.  A lot of players add lead tape to give it a little more weight.  Chances are you’ve putted with this headshape before, but have you tried the original?

Here at 3balls we see a lot of these models come through each week.  Do a quick search and see if you can find a good deal on one of these classics.

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