Our Favorite Pro Golfers – How Do We Choose?

I often ask my friends and fellow golfers who their favorite pro is, but I never really bothered to ask them how those particular golfers became their favorite.  While it may not really matter, I like to know what a golfer does to be well liked.

My favorite golfers are (in no particular order) Fred Couples, Gary Woodland, Tiger Woods, Aaron Baddeley, Chris Couch, Sean O’Hair and Paul Goydos.  I’m not going to list the players that I like a lot but wouldn’t consider my favorite.

Fred Couples – If I could swing like anyone, it’d be him.  Seems pretty cool too…calm, to the point, and quiet.

Gary Woodland – Played at KU (my favorite school), Kansas born (like me), played college basketball, hits the ball a mile, and everything I read says he treats the kids at tournaments awesome.

Tiger Woods – Despite his off the course problems (which more people have than we probably know), he still is a great golfer to like.  He is a big reason I play and love this great game.  The majority of my memories of “amazing golf moments” involve him.  He means more to the game than we all realize.

Aaron Baddeley – After watching him several times in person, on the course and on the practice green, he became a favorite of mine.  He seemed to get along with everyone, putted the ball like crazy, and is one of the most stylish players on tour.

Chris Couch – On top of chipping cross handed (which still baffles my mind), Chris is a huge guy (with a huge gut…he can’t keep his shirt tucked in) but can hit the ball with a beautiful swing.

Sean O’Hair -Just watching him stroll down the fairway is enough to make me like him, but after watching him and his caddy “argue” about a shot while watching them up close and personal at the Deutsche Bank a few years back, he became a favorite of mine, I can’t quite explain why.

Paul Goydos – Paul is the easiest golfer to like on this list.  I wish I had a book named Paul Goydos Quotes.  Here are some of my favorites

  • “If I didn’t button the top, my shirt would slide off.”
  • “I’ve played in over 100 tournaments and have only once, so I’m used to losing.” (couldn’t find actual quote, this was from memory)
  • “But we’re all going to die as far as I can tell. I’m working on not dying but no one has really been successful yet.”
  • After coming in 2nd at The Players, “I thought it was funny that, with Johnny Miller, I went from a guy who swings like a caddie to a guy that [Ryder Cup captain Paul] Azinger should look at as a captain’s pick.”
  • When asked if he was better than Tiger Woods at anything, he replied, “At being older.”

If you have a chance to read through THIS PAGE about Goydos, it is definitely worth it.

It is funny, after finishing this article up, Paul Goydos might just be my favorite golfer on tour.  Who are your favorites but more importantly, why are they your favorites?

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