Why You Should Play the Bridgestone e-Series Golf Balls

Bridgestone e-Series Golf Balls

Bridgestone is an industry pioneer when it comes to new golf ball technology. Because of the invention of its Seamless Cover Technology, we’d like to give you a few reasons you should consider playing with them. There are three different versions, each tailored to a specific type of swing. Take a look at these three new balls and see which one fits your game.

The e-Series Golf Balls

Bridgestone E5

Made out of a two-piece construction, the Bridgestone E5 features a urethane cover and a larger gradational core. The core gets gradually firmer as you move out from the center which adds spin to the golf ball. There’s even more spin added because the E5 doesn’t have a spin-reducing middle layer like the E6 and the E7 models. This ball targets golfers with a moderate swing-speed of 90 mph who want soft feel and spin around the greens. Like all E Series golf balls, the E5 features a new 226-dimple pattern that’s expanded the surface coverage by 2.5%. When looking down at the ball, you’ll see the Bridgestone logo and an alignment aid stamp. This stamp is useful when you want to line up the ball at address.

Bridgestone E5 Series Golf Ball

Bridgestone E6

The Bridgestone E6 is a low-spin golf ball designed in three different pieces. A Surlyn ionomer cover, side-spin combating inner layers, and a soft gradational compression core make it the softest multi-layer ball on the market. It has a compression 20 points lower than the E5. The construction helps reduce spin for golfers who typically hook and slice the ball. It has a 330-dimple pattern and has identical markings stamped on the outer layer like the E5. You can choose from 3 color options: standard white, optic yellow, or optic orange.

Bridgestone E6 Series Golf Ball

Bridgestone E7

If you’re looking for pure, long distance then the Bridgestone E7 is right for you. Like the E6, the E7 has a surlyn cover that prevents spin on wedge shots. Along with the Surlyn cover, it has a gradational core and mantle layer for even lower spin. This ball is for golfers with a swing speed close to 100 mph and who hit the ball fairly straight off of the tee. Shots will be crisp and you’ll feel the difference in your shots when driving more so than putting.

Bridgestone E7 Golf Balls

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