Why Players Prefer Ping Golf Clubs

Golf company Ping logo

Golf company Ping logo

There’s nothing that can destroy a beautiful day on the course with your friends like a discussion of the top golf club brands. From Nike to TalyorMade and Titleist, every golfer has their favorite manufacturer, often for reasons that make very little sense to anyone else. Unlike some of the newer club manufacturers, though, Ping golf clubs have a group of loyal followers that can back up their love affair with an incredible history of success. Over 2,500 gold putters tell the story of Ping in a way no single tournament win ever could.

How Ping Changed Golf

Today, Ping is a huge brand that was built on the backs of just a few very carefully designed clubs. Karsten Solheim invented the first Ping putter in 1959 in his California garage; by 1962, his Ping 69 putter had already found a win on the PGA Tour. Although Solheim made the name Ping early with his putters, he was already looking to the future as he experimented with heel-toe weighted irons. In fact, every step Solheim took in his journey to make Ping even more competitive sent ripples through the golf world that left change in their wake. By the late 1960s, the Ping Anser was born, and golf would never be the same.

When other golf manufacturers were fighting to maintain the status quo, Solheim’s Ping was constantly creating clubs with the casual golfer in mind. After their initial forgiving irons and game-changing Anser putter, Ping would go on to design the biggest woods in the game and begin experimenting with the design of their own fitting system. It would soon be known for creating some of the best club fits for golfers across the board. Bag innovations and drivers followed, and even today Ping golf clubs continue to drip with well-planned modifications.

Benefits of Ping Clubs

No matter if you’re swinging an iron, lining up a putt on the green or driving into the wind, there’s a Ping club that probably changed your game in a major way if you’re a diehard fan. Players that stick with Ping long ago realized that the company’s main driving philosophy is making golf better for everyone. From the newest of the new player to the most experienced Tour Champ, there’s a level of Ping club made with their games — both the good parts and the bad — in mind. Forget adjustability and brightly colored driver heads, none of that matters if you can’t get your ball moving.

Ping changed golf forever, turning it into a game that anybody could play with the right equipment for their experience level. We support golf for everybody, so at 3balls.com, we carry a huge selection of Ping clubs, from putters to drivers, both new and used.

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