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Players with putting issues can run through putters without getting any satisfaction, ultimately deciding that they simply can’t putt at all. Usually, these players are struggling because they lack confidence in their putts and they just can’t quite line the ball up with the strike zone on the face. These players don’t need to give up, though. What they really need are better putting alignment aids.

We’ve selected what we think are some of the best putting aids/alignments currently available on new and used golf clubs and put them together here in this handy guide. It’s by no means definitive, but if you’re a struggling putter, give some of these putters a try before you decide you’ve got an incurable swing.

3balls puttersCleveland T-Frame Putter.

The T-Frame putter features a large, visible T-shaped alignment aid across the entire putter head. The horizontal is meant to align with the center of your ball, and the vertical to help you get a really good center shot. It’s not fancy, but it is effective.


3balls puttersNike Method MOD 00 Putter.

A white primary alignment line and well-spaced black secondary lines make it easy to line up putts with the Nike Method MOD 00. These lines will pop against a green background, increasing their visibility.


3balls puttersOdyssey Rossie Putter.

Rossie pops up in both white and black finishes, but both colors have one really neat thing in common — the alignment aids are designed to put your body in the exact right spot over the club. All you have to do to hit a straight shot is align the two sets of outer lines on the face and put the shorter middle line at the center of the ball.


3balls puttersOdyssey 2-Ball Putter.

The 2-ball putter took a different approach to the alignment aid problem. Instead of lines or darts or nothing at all, Odyssey went for the straightforward approach by creating alignment aids that are the same size and shape as a golf ball. The two white balls are meant to be aligned to your ball, and when everything’s in line, you’re ready to take your putt.


3balls puttersOdyssey D.A.R.T. Putter.

If you’re the kind of putter that needs a neon sign to find the ball with the center of your club, the D.A.R.T. is ready to answer your wish. With a large, bold dart-shaped arrow pointing right at the ball, you’re going to have to try really hard to miss your spot.


3balls puttersPing Nome Putter.

Gnomes are more than just clever lawn decorations, they’re also putters with really nice alignment aids. The Ping Nomes feature contrasting dart-shaped panels, with a center stripe to align your ball to the center of your club.


3balls puttersTaylorMade Ghost Manta.

When you’re looking for simplicity, but still need a little help to get your ball moving toward the cup, check out the Ghost Manta. The two bold black lines of the alignment aids remove all distractions but frame your ball beautifully for straight, reliable putts.


3balls puttersTaylorMade Ghost Tour Corza.

The Ghost Manta and the Ghost Tour Corza have simplicity in common — where the Manta aims to frame the ball, the Corza strives to be more flexible, both framing and providing an extra center alignment aid. In addition, the Corza has a golf ball-sized hole in the face to show you exactly where to put your ball. The only thing it won’t do is strike the ball for you.

Whether you’re looking for new or used golf clubs, stop by 3balls.com to see all our excellent putters, complete with a dazzling array of putting alignment aids. We take trade-ins, too, so if your old putter isn’t working out, we’ll happily trade you for one that will.

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