How to Replace Golf Grips

Regripping golf clubs

Regripping golf clubs

Sure, it would be nice to have clubs that don’t require any maintenance and always get your ball right to the hole, but in the real world, you’ll have to do a little work on your game and your equipment from time to time. One of the most common DIY projects for golfers is replacing their grips. Some suggest grips be replaced about every 20 rounds, or every six months, depending on which comes first – and knowing how to replace your own golf grips can be a valuable skill.

Golfers in the know realize there are two major points when replacing their grips – whenever there’s even a little bit of obvious wear, and when purchasing used golf clubs. Used golf clubs don’t always demand new grips, but if you replace them when you first buy the club, you’ll have some idea how much life is left in the grips.

Replacing grips is a simple process that goes like this:

Start by placing your club in a rubber vise clamp, with the shaft parallel to the floor and the grip of the club completely free of the clamp. You’ll need some room to work, so leaving as much as six to eight inches past the grip is often ideal.

Remove the grip using a sharp utility knife and peel it back gently. If you’re regripping graphite shafts, use a hooked blade to avoid damaging the club. Remove any remaining bits of grip or tape with solvent or a propane torch, making sure your club is perfectly clean before continuing.

Measure out a length of grip tape that will allow you to cover the length of the grip, plus 1/2 inch. Attach this to the club, with the extra 1/2 inch hanging over the end of the shaft. Some players prefer to use wider tape and wrap it around the club the long way, while others like using a smaller tape and spiraling it around the club — this is entirely up to you.

Remove the backing from the grip tape before twisting the overhang and pushing it inside the shaft. Quickly apply a little bit of grip solvent to the inside of your grip, turning the grip so it will be evenly moistened, then apply grip solvent liberally to the taped section. You may want to do this over a catch pan so you can reuse the solvent on your other clubs.

Slide the grip over the shaft, ensuring the butt of the grip is snug against the butt of the shaft and the grip is properly aligned. Allow the grip to set up for at least 45 minutes before playing.

Now that you know how to replace golf grips, you can be confident shopping for used golf clubs at After all, the perfect club for you may be out there at a substantial savings, just one new grip away from making your golfing dreams come true. Keep in mind, 3balls does replace all grips that show substantial wear but grips are also personal preference and you can find may grip options at 3balls!

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