Rickie Fowler Puma on 3balls

Rickie Fowler has always been a model of masculinity, so it’s only right that the 28-year-old professional golfer would turn to fashion to strengthen his image.

The PGA Tour pro partnered with Adidas to put out a line of Puma golf apparel for the masses. Tailored specifically to Rickie’s personal style, the collection features bright colored polo shirts and slim pairs of pants. Of course in Rickie fashion, it’s all about making this line conventional by staying true to the trends of the industry while making a few new statements.

Rickie has also been a major trendsetter for the game, employing high-top shoes and baggy sweat pants on the golf course. His unique wardrobe has attracted legions of young fans, eager to see what he’ll wear next.

We don’t sell exactly what Rickie wears but we have pieces that mimic his wardrobe.

Puma Golf Tech 2015 Polo Shirt

Rickie Fowler Puma

Rickie wears bright orange to represent the Oklahoma State Cowboys. This vibrant Puma Golf Tech polo shirt will definitely make you stand out from the rest.

Puma Tech Flat Front Pants

Rickie Fowler Puma

It’s easy to pair any polo shirt with this Puma Tech Flat pair of white pants. And there’s a logo on the back pocket so everybody knows you’re wearing Puma.

Puma Ignite Golf Spikeless Golf Shoes

Rickie Fowler Puma

Puma Ignite golf shoes are a super stable platform that provides maximum cushioning. Just like Rickie, it doesn’t let obstacles get in its way. ┬áIt’s comfortable on the course and in the clubhouse.

Puma Cat Patch 2.0 Snapback Hat

Rickie Fowler Puma

This flat-billed adjustable cap is commonly worn by Rickie to block harsh sun rays. The Puma Cat Patch 2.0 snapback is perfect for when you’re having a bad hair day too.

As Rickie makes his way into the mainstream golf fashion industry, he’ll be anything but ordinary. Pick up a few of these items to get the killer look of a champion.

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