Rocketballz 2: The Driver with an Adjustable Face

In 2013 they tweaked the design a bit and added a Tour version, and it looks like they have another winner.

Welcome to the Rocketballz Stage 2

Loft Technology

The Rocketballz Stage 2 (RBZ2) has a number of features that make it very popular with golfers. But the one that makes it really stand apart is something called Loft Technology.

Loft Technology enables golfers to change the loft angle of the club. You use an included torque wrench to remove the head of the RocketBallz driver and re-attach it in any one of three settings to change the face angle and effective loft of the club.

How to Adjust the Loft Angle

It’s rather simple to do. You simply loosen the loft screw in the club heel using the wrench, then turn the sleeve (which is marked with your loft degree choices) to line up to the arrow on the back of the hosel. Then tighten the screw using the included wrench and you’re ready to go.

At, your can read reviews on the club by those who have purchased it, like this one: “I got the 10.5 model and immediately adjusted it up high to make it 12 degrees. Adjustment was simple and quick.”

A few degrees may not seem like a big difference, but it can be when you’re talking about hitting a golf ball. And for the millions of us who have trouble with a driver, having a few different options available within one driver can be a helpful option off the tee.

You can buy the RBZ2 in one of seven standard and five upright loft options to add ±1.5° to each of the available standard lofts: 9.5 (which can be adjusted up to 11° or down to 8°); 10.5° (which can be adjusted up to 12° or down to 9°); and HL 13° (which can be adjusted up to 14.5° or down to 11.5).

In a discussion with, Tom Olsavsky, TaylorMade’s senior director of product creation, said “We’re finding a big difference with Stage 2. We’re getting higher launch, less spin, and more speed. That translates to more distance.”

The Stage 2 launches the ball about 1° higher and produces about 300-400 rpm less spin. Olsavsky further states that the improved center of gravity (CG) positioning helps make the RocketBallz Stage 2 anywhere from 7 to 10 yards longer than the original.

Other Features of the RBZ2

TaylorMade claims 80% of golfers are playing the wrong loft, hence the need for a club like the RBZ2. Swing consistency is a problem for many amateur golfers, especially with a driver. The RBZ2 has other features besides the loft technology that aim to help achieve that consistency. These include:

  • Expansive 4,100 square-millimeter clubface gives the golfer substantially more face area
  • Inverted Cone Technology milled into the inner side of the larger clubface expands the portion of the face that delivers high ball speed
  • Improved aerodynamics reduces drag over the head to promote faster clubhead speed
  • Thick-Thin crown provides lower and more-forward CG location, promoting faster ball speed, high launch, and low spin

Another new feature: the crown features a unique yellow-and-gray decal designed to make it easier to frame the ball opposite the center of the clubface, and easier to detect exactly how the clubhead is aimed to give you confidence that the face is aligned exactly the way you want it before you start your takeaway.

When golfers first see the head, they’re admittedly skeptical. But the majority of reviews say that once they hit the club, it’s not a problem at all.

The RBZ Stage 2 driver will also be available in a Tour model. Apart from a different stock shaft (Matrix 6Q3 or 7Q3 TP), the primary difference is the placement of weight. The standard model is designed with a slight draw bias, while the Tour model has a neutrally placed center of gravity.

But like any new club, you shouldn’t make your purchase decision based solely on reviews. You need to go out, hit it, and see how it feels.

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