What is the SLDR 430 Driver?

TaylorMade Golf Club Drivers

TaylorMade Golf Club Drivers

There’s been a lot of buzz about the TaylorMade SLDR drivers on the Pro Tour, but until recently the SLDRs available to the public were primarily targeted to high handicap players looking for a game-improvement club. The big, pear-shaped SLDR 460 definitely falls into this category, even though it can perform when it’s pushed — but the TaylorMade SLDR 430 driver is an entirely different story.

A Club Built with Advanced Players in Mind

Unlike the other members of the SLDR family, the 430s are wicked in the right hands — it represents a huge leap of faith from TaylorMade, who seemed to have been focused primarily on game improvement and building the better adjustable driver for the last several years. This driver is definitely not a game improvement club and although it has a few sliding and twisting parts, adjustability isn’t the main focus. This is a club built to kill it, nothing more and nothing less.

With a lower and more forward center of gravity than anything on the market this year and a tiny 430cc head with a compact club face, the only players who will benefit from this very special, niche club are fast, consistent swingers. That’s not a bad thing — especially if you’re among this small group of elite players. In fact, if you’re struggling with high ball spin because so many clubs are built for the masses, this is a driver you’ll love.

TaylorMade recommends you #LoftUp to get the most from the SLDR 430, but with drivers available in 9, 10.5 and 12 degrees and an adjustable loft of another 1.5 degrees in either direction, lofting up is a piece of cake. It may not be conventional wisdom to increase loft when you hammer the ball off the tee, but in the case of the SLDR 430s, lofting up helps create a higher, more penetrating shot.

The 430 TaylorMade SLDR driver specs include the lofts we’ve already discussed, along with:

  • Lies of 59 to 62 degrees.
  • A head volume of 430cc.
  • A D4 swingweight.
  • The standard Fujikura Speeder 67 shaft (X, S, R and M available).
  • Total length of 45.5 inches (the TP model is 45.25 inches)..

Last, but not least, there’s that sliding weight on the sole that gave the SLDR 430 its name in the first place. This little 20 gram weight offers 21 positions to dial in the exact shot shape you’re seeking. No more interchangeable weights that get lost or are just an incredible pain to swap out when you absolutely must — a simple twist of the screw loosens the weight while leaving it on the track.

There’s a reason the SLDR 430 has been a huge hit on the Pro Tour — it turns an incredible shot into an amazing one with very little effort. We’ve got a great selection of TaylorMade SLDRs for every experience level on 3balls.com — come by and see just how much you can save on the gear that will reinvent your game.

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