How to Smoke and Drink on the Golf Course

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Sipping an ice cold beer and lighting a cigarette up are still acceptable past times out on the golf course. While drinking and smoking may not be the best activities for your health, we know people will do it anyway. If you’re going to partake, then follow these tips so you don’t annoy your fellow golfers.

How to Smoke

Don’t smoke at a club that bans cigarette smoking . A lot of golf clubs are outlawing smoking on their properties. While you may disagree with their decision, don’t light up anyway because you’ll look like a punk. Respect the rules and save it for later for when you’re at home.

Don’t smoke directly next to other players . Be considerate and position yourself so your smoke blows away from those in your party. If you’re surrounded by non-smokers, it’s best to ask them if it’s okay to light up too. That way you won’t offend anyone who might be opposed to inhaling passive smoke.

Don’t throw your cigarette butts on the ground . People despise golfers who litter. Throwing butts on the ground is in bad taste even though it’s convenient. Golf is a sport about etiquette and not holding on to your butts means you were too lazy to wait and put them in a trash can.

Don’t lay your burning cigarette on the green . And don’t ash on them either. Leave the cigarette in your mouth – this will make you look cool anyway. Isn’t that what you were going for? If you have to put it down, use a cigarette holder in the golf cart. You might be able to put it down in the rough but it might be wet or recently sprayed with chemicals.

How to Drink

Don’t play a whole 18 holes if you’re going to drink heavily . You don’t want to overdo it. For women, having four or more drinks compared to five or more for men means you’ll need to play a shorter game. Otherwise you’ll be making a fool out of yourself.

Choose a designated driver to pick you up later . Golf is the only sport where you can drink and drive the golf cart but you’ll have to jump into a regular vehicle after the game. It’s against the law to drive while intoxicated and the penalties are severe for anyone stopped for suspicion while driving drunk.

Bring an easy to transport soft cooler with you to the course. After you go to the store and choose your beverage of choice, put your drinks inside so they stay insulated and cool. Liquor or beer will do. If you buy liquor then be sure to bring something to mix it with and some insulated coffee cups. Nobody will be none the wiser.

Wait to drink until the first hole . You don’t want anybody to think you’re a lush and you definitely don’t want to anger the club manager. It’s best to start off with something mellow and then move to something stronger by the second hole. Hopefully you brought enough drinks to last you to the ninth hole though.

Lastly, don’t get absolutely plastered . There’s nothing worse than playing with a group of people who get sauced whilst playing a round of golf. Moderation is key and a nice way to get more enjoyment out of the game. Being out on the course is about the camaraderie you feel amongst good friends.

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