Some Good Women’s Starter Golf Clubs

Women starter clubs

Women starter clubs

Spend a day on a golf course and all your troubles may simply dissolve into thin air. Between the lovely green grass, the camaraderie of your fellow golfers and the sheer tactile feel of beating an innocent ball into submission, there’s a lot of reasons golf is therapeutic.

Whether you’re learning the game or have been borrowing clubs from a friend for regular outings, the time comes when you’ll have to choose a set of women’s starter golf clubs. Buying clubs is a very personal experience – there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. To help you navigate these traps, we’ve put together a short guide to picking the best starter clubs for your game.


You’ll need a wood or two in your bag for the long shots, but if you’re a beginning golfer a driver isn’t necessarily a must-have item. Look for titanium alloy or aluminum heads, high loft angles that exceed 10 degrees and graphite shafts to increase your distance, these minor adjustments will help a player with a slow swing send their ball much further. For most women, anything lower than a Three Wood can be a waste, but you may want to pick up a 5 Wood or 7 Wood as well.


Irons are typically used on the fairway, these clubs are designed with divots in mind. Female golfers take significantly fewer divots than men and often struggle with the lower numbered irons. Higher numbered irons like the 7 Iron and 9 Iron are better choices for shots under 150 yards because you will usually have much better control than with a lower numbered iron. These higher numbers have more loft and can be more forgiving. You’ll find a pitching wedge and a sand wedge come in handy, as well.

Hybrid Clubs

Hybrid clubs combine the best features from both irons and woods – they’re excellent choices for golfers of any skill level, but beginners will find them much easier to hit than the same numbered iron. Hybrid clubs are shaped like woods, but have lofts more like irons and are therefore much more forgiving. Add a 3 Hybrid and a 5 Hybrid to your bag if you’ve got a little extra cash, they’ll make your game a lot more fun especially for beginners.


Putters are the most frequently used club in most golfers’ bag, making careful selection vital. Choose a 33-inch long putter if you’re about 5 foot 5 inches, with a heel-toe clubhead. These heads have extra weight at both the heel and toe, as well as other features like hollow backs, wider flanges and face inserts to further aid your putts.


You don’t necessarily need a driver, especially if you’re just starting out. Many women find this club difficult to wield due to the length of the shaft, but if you think you’re ready for a driver look for one with a high loft and large head. Anything over 440 cubic centimeters is ideal; a loft of 10, 11 or 12 degrees will help you pop the ball up into the air and further down the fairway.

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