All in the Family: The TaylorMade Jetspeed Collection

taylormade jetspeed club

taylormade jetspeed club

Some golfers love to mix it up and carry a rag-tag collection of clubs in their bags that were carefully chosen for specific features. Others prefer to stick with just one or two families of technology that were designed to work together. Fans of the TaylorMade JetSpeed fairway might not know it yet, but there’s a whole TaylorMade JetSpeed line worth checking out. TaylorMade’s hot and fast JetSpeed family comes complete with drivers, fairways and hybrids.

Check Out TaylorMade’s JetSpeed Technology

We’ve discussed TaylorMade JetSpeed fairways on the blog before, but the features of this family bear repeating. Unlike similar clubs whose technology is solely built on speed, the revolutionary Speed Pocket is all about reducing spin and increasing forgiveness. The majority of golfers tend to hit their balls low on their club’s faces, causing the ball to spin dramatically and the launch angle to flatten out. TaylorMade designed a set of clubs to correct this common problem and increase distance without sacrificing club speed or forgiveness.

No matter where you are in your game, if you tend to hit the ball low on your club’s face, the JetSpeed family may be exactly what you’ve been looking for in a new driver, fairway or hybrid. They’ve got the perfect amount of forgiveness to push the beginning golfer to greatness and enough speed to help a seasoned player blast their ball down the course from nearly any lie.

TaylorMade JetSpeed Specifications

The JetSpeed line offers some great clubs, but they’re not for everybody. If you’re considering a JetSpeed driver, fairway or hybrid, check out their specs below:


JetSpeed drivers come stock with a Matrix Velox T49 shaft with a 460cc clubhead — men’s driver length is 46 inches, women’s is 45 inches. This club is available in 9.5, 10.5 and 13 degree lofts (13 degree models are right handed only). The Tour Preferred model has the same specs, but comes stock with a Matrix Velox ST 60 shaft.


The Fairways of this collection are equipped with Matrix Velox T69 shafts and range from a 3 wood to a 7 wood, in lofts of 15 (3), 17 (3HL), 19(5), 21 (5HL) and 23 (7) degrees. Club lengths start at 43.5 inches for men and 42.5 inches for women. Only the 3 and 5 woods are currently available for left-handed players.


TaylorMade has branded their Hybrids as Rescue clubs, but whatever you call them, they’re great replacements for irons. Rescues are designed in five lofts: 17, 19, 22, 25 and 28 degrees, but only the 19 and 22 degree models are available for lefties. Ladies are also limited to the 22, 25 and 28 degree options.

How you choose your club line-up is a very personal decision, but no matter what space you’re trying to fill, it’s hard to beat the TaylorMade JetSpeed family. Whether you need a single club or the whole set, we’ve got exactly what you want at

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