The TaylorMade Jetspeed Fairway Wood Line is Built for Speed

taylormade jetspeed golf clubs

taylormade jetspeed golf clubs

The team at TaylorMade knows how to make a golf club, this is an undisputed fact. The only question, really, is which club is best for your game and what features will lower your score. Although the Rocketballz series were huge sellers, the virtually ignored Jetspeed fairway wood represented a further fine tuning of the technology that made RBZ so rocket ballzy. It’s a blessing and a curse for the Jetspeed line, but for golfers, this means plenty of these amazing used TaylorMade Fairway woods are available at deeply discounted prices.

There’s Something About That TaylorMade Speed Pocket

Originally, the Speed Pocket was just a slot to allow more flexibility in the face of the RocketBallz series clubs. TaylorMade Jetspeed Fairways, however, took that Speed Pocket further and created something that literally makes the ball fly off the face of the club. Now, that little Speed Channel slices through the bottom of the head and is curved around the heel and toe areas; it’s even filled with black polymer for increased flexibility.

This means two things. First, the shape allows the center of gravity to remain low, but more importantly, it reduces stresses better than ever. Now, the excess forces that would otherwise be distributed to the sides and back of the club head are absorbed by the polymer, allowing the club face to flex even more than in the RocketBallz fairways. More flexibility means more speed, since the face begins to act like a sort of metal trampoline upon impact. It’s incredible, really.

Jetspeed Fairways is Still Unknown, But Crushing It

You may have not heard about the Jetspeed Fairways before today, that’s the problem they’ve had since release. Being the little brother of the Rocketballz series is a hard job — but that doesn’t mean that they won’t crush it on the course. In fact, many testers have found that these simple-looking fairways are much longer than similar fairway woods. According to Golf Magazine, their players gained as many as 20 extra yards. That’s incredible news for anybody who plays a 3 Wood off the tee!

Jetspeed Fairways are available in 3 Wood (15 degrees), 3HL Wood (17 degrees), 5 Wood (19 degrees), 5HL Wood (21 degrees) and 7 Wood (23 degrees), with lengths starting at 43.5 inches and head volume at 165 cc for the men’s 3 Wood.

If you’re shopping for some new fairways, you absolutely can’t go wrong with TaylorMade Jetspeeds. We’ve got plenty of them in stock at, both new and used, and ready to blow away your foursome next season. Take a look at our great selection of TaylorMade fairways before you shop anywhere else.

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