TaylorMade Jetspeed Fairway Woods: Your Secret to Success

TaylorMade Golf Club

TaylorMade Golf Club Every golfer has a secret in his bag — it’s his special tool that seems to create yards and erase strokes like magic.  For some players, that’s a special driver or a favorite putter, but for others, it’s a club they use even more often, like an iron or fairway wood.  Golfers that carry TaylorMade Jetspeed Fairway woods will point to these TaylorMade clubs every time.  Even though they’re built for everybody, they excel at making average golfers look like sharks on the course.

Taylormade: Game Improvement in a Silver and Blue Package

It’s all the tech packed in the unassuming head of the TaylorMade JetSpeed Fairways that really makes them so playable and forgiving.  Not only do they continue to have one of the taller, more shallow club faces in woods, they’ve got that springy polymer-filled Speed Pocket — all of it together makes for a club that is still killing it off the tee and the deck.

Let’s break it down so you can tell your friends exactly why your clubs are yards ahead of theirs:

Taller Face.

A taller face allows for a bigger sweet spot.  Players who tend to scoop the ball or strike below the equator have a much larger target on the face the taller it gets.  That makes it hard to miss a good shot.

Shallow Head.

The tall face coupled with a shallow head allows companies like TaylorMade to effectively move the center of gravity lower, thus increasing the launch angle.  A higher launch angle, especially off the deck, makes it easier to get your ball in the air and headed toward the hole.

Speed Pocket.

The narrow and long polymer-filled Speed Pocket was created to increase the spring for shots that are hit either low or off-center, improving forgiveness.  The trampoline effect helps by putting more power behind the ball no matter where it contacts the clubface, so you lose less power even on shots that aren’t perfect.

Game improvement fairways aren’t code for beginner’s clubs — far from it.  Fairways like the Jetspeed line are designed to make the game of golf more fun by getting your ball back up and into play.

Even if fairways aren’t your thing and you’d prefer to stick to your hybrids, we’ve got lots of used TaylorMade clubs for every swing at 3balls.com.  Take a look around — you’re bound to find that club with the one little thing your game has been missing all along.

Photo credit: cj&erson / Foter / CC BY-ND

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