Taylormade R11s vs. RocketBallz

RBZ logoOne of the most iconic brands in golf, TaylorMade, provided two excellent 2012 driver models for golfers: the R11S and the RocketBallz. For many golfers who like TaylorMade clubs, the issue is which one to actually purchase R11s or RBZ. Let’s take a closer look at the R11S and the RocketBallz.

The R11S driver can perhaps be considered the flagship driver of the impressive TaylorMade line. The company says the R11S is a “souped up” version of the original R11. The R11S provides more distance and greater adjustability. This means you can quickly change to a draw or fade bias. You can adjust the driver so you can hit the ball higher or lower. You can easily change the club to match your swing. It all happens with the addition of a new 1.5º FCT sleeve, movable weights, and adjustable sole.

With TaylorMade’s 3D tuning, the golfer can adjust loft with their “Flight Control Technology”, face angle with their “Adjustable Sole Technology”, and ball flight with their “Movable Weight Technology”. These game-changing technologies allow you to adjust loft ±1.5 degrees, face angle ±3 degrees, and promote a draw or neutral ball flight. This club can truly be fit to any golfers swing.

Taylormade R11s clubThe R11S driver has a max-sized 460cc titanium head and also provides Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) that gives the golfer a little more ball speed. TaylorMade has used an eye-catching design with a white crown and distinctive black face.

If you’re having a TaylorMade R11s vs RocketBallz debate, the RocketBallz provides a full range of high performance clubs, including fairways and hybrids/rescue clubs in addition to the driver.

The RocketBallz driver is another impressive club aimed more at the mid to high handicap player and with a slightly cheaper price tag, however they do have the Tour and TP models aimed at the more skilled golfer as well. TaylorMade’s focus with the Rocketballz line placed a greater emphasis on speed through lightweight shafts, lightweight grips, and a thinner crown. TaylorMade claims the Rocketballz driver was created for aggressive golfers who like to go after the ball from the tee. They increased the size of the clubface while improving the aerodynamic performance of the club both allowing more forgiveness on mis-hits. TaylorMade shifted the weight around to provide a higher launch angle for improved distance. The stock shaft is a lightweight Matrix OZIK Xcon 5.

Similar to the R11S, the Rocketballz driver is fully adjustable meaning you can change ball flight, loft, and alignment. However, TaylorMade also offers a bonded version of the driver that does not allow the adjustability. The Rocketballz has a maximum-sized 460cc clubhead, as does the R11S, again with a matte-white finish and black face that helps reduce glare and improve alignment.

Whether you’re considering the R11S or the Rocketballz, either way you’re going to have a lot of fun on the golf course. Both models provide excellent options for all golfers.

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