Get Serious Swagger (and Yards!) from TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons

golf iron next to golf ball

golf iron next to golf ball

Irons aren’t the sexiest clubs in golf — in fact, they’re losing space in golfer’s bags every day because of how difficult they can be to play. Players of every skill level are bumping their irons out of their bags in favor of hybrid clubs, hoping to gain yardage and more consistent ball striking. This approach is all fine and good, but players who are jumping the iron ship and loading up with hybrids are missing out on the newest technology in game improvement irons.

The Game Improvement Irons Have Landed

TaylorMade RocketBladez are a reinvention of the traditional iron, with the forgiveness that many players need. It’s all because of the Speed Pocket, a two millimeter wide thick slit in the sole of the 3 through 7 irons that’s filled with a polymer specially designed by 3M. It’s this polymer that makes so much difference in the playability of these clubs. Now, your iron can behave much like your springy-faced driver and push your ball with more speed and vigor thanks to the trampoline-like effect the polymer in the pocket creates.

When the Speed Pocket is coupled with more weight distributed lower on the club and lofts are slightly increased, what you get is an iron that anybody can play. Even players who have managed to master their irons love these clubs because they consistently add yards while forgiving slightly off-centered shots.

But don’t be mistaken by their game improvement adaptations, TaylorMade RocketBladez irons feel just like your standard irons. In fact, most players can’t even tell a difference between RocketBladez and more traditionally constructed irons — the feel is solid at impact despite the trampoline effect happening behind the face. These irons even give off a hard crack when you connect with the sweet spot.

If you like long, piercing ball trajectories, serious levels of forgiveness and a set of irons that will grow with you as you grow your game, the RocketBladez are everything you’ve ever needed. Forget those hybrids, instead step out on the course with a set of irons that will earn you looks from across the course. Since this series was originally released back in late 2012, finding used TaylorMade RocketBladez irons is a cinch. There is nothing not to like about these clubs.

Before you give up completely on playing with a full set of irons, take a look at all the great game improvement irons we’ve got at Not only do we have a huge selection of gently used irons, we’ve got plenty of the newest gear, as well.

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