The Best Drivers for Beginners

Callaway driver at green

The driver is the longest, biggest, and most expensive golf club found in a bag. It’s considered one of the most difficult golf clubs for a beginner to learn how to hit well. If you’re a beginner, you may have a hard time choosing the appropriate driver. There are several things you should think about, especially if you’re starting out.

Large Clubheads

Drivers made in the past five years have 460cc clubheads. This is the maximum size allowed by the USGA. Large club heads are desirable because they’re more forgiving. These golf clubs produce the best possible shots, even when the ball is not struck on the sweet spot.

Beginners should rely on this forgiveness element. Some of the best drivers with a large club head are the Callaway RAZR Fit driver and the TaylorMade R15 driver.

Graphite Shafts Are Great

Drivers with a graphite club shaft give beginners more consistent shots. This is because graphite shafts are more flexible. They also accelerate the impact of the club head when it hits the golf ball. A greater impact on the golf ball will increase its traveling distance.

Loft Is Important

One of the properties that most beginner golfers forget when choosing a golf driver is its loft. You should choose a driver with a higher loft. A club with a lower loft will be more affected by side spin. It’s hard for beginners with less than perfect swings to get their ball to fly straighter and higher.

Grip Is Vital

You should also consider the driver’s grip when purchasing a club. A good grip will enable you to control the golf club while making a shot. It enables your hands to build swing speed. And you’ll deliver the club head to the ball at a square angle, which results in more accurate shots.

Now, go find a driver suited for you and start playing and practicing! The best way to learn how to swing your new driver is to hit the range and start swinging!

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  • Cobra Nut

    First of all anyone will tell you the first thing you should do is get fitted for a driver and all clubs in the bag). This will help determine what loft you need, what shaft works best for you, what length you need and so on. This blog is very inaccurate and actually harmful to a beginner.
    Stating a driver should have perimeter weighting just adds to the confusion a new golfer will face plus the only true cavity backed driver is the Nike Covert, again not accurate information.
    Do not go by this blog new golfers do your game a huge favor and go get fitted it is usually under $50 and will save you a lot of headaches and money. And when you do by a driver do not by the Razr Fit or Titleist this sight wants you to buy instead let the fitter help you decide.

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