The Top Titleist Fairway Woods

Titleist Fairway wood clubs
Titleist Fairway wood clubs

Do you use Titleist golf balls? Make sure to check out their clubs!

For a company that is best known for its golf balls, Titleist also makes some pretty good clubs, too. Their Vokey wedges are arguably the best out there. And their fairway woods are not too shabby, either.

The current model is the 913 Fairway Metal.

The 913 fairways utilize a new SureFit Tour weight location on the sole of each club to help create lower spin with a penetrating flight. Golfers can select their models – 913F or 913F.d Low Spin, – based on forgiveness or ball flight. For those of you who don’t know, the adjustable SureFit® Tour (SFT) hosel provides 16 unique loft and lie combinations.

New feature alert: The 913 fairway metals feature center of gravity (CG) positions lower than the prior generation 910 models. This was done to further maximize distance potential by reducing spin while providing stability and forgiveness. Translation: the crown was made thinner so weight could be moved to get the CG low and forward for a better power transfer.

With the 913 fairways, engineers utilized a new casting and polishing process to produce the ultra-thin crown, with a lower, flatter sole profile similar to the new 913 drivers.

The 913F is a high performance, classic pear-shaped fairway that promises distance with stability through low and deep weighting for all-around performance.

The 913F.d Low Spin is a larger full pear-shaped fairway that delivers distance with lower spin (about 200 rpm less than 913F) from low and forward weighting for a more penetrating flight. had this to say about the 913F:

“One of the top models tested. The 913F gets high marks all around—very pleasing feel, look, and playability. Its compact head allows players to ‘golf’ their shots, too.”

Although did also say that less-skilled players may want a bit more forgiveness than the smaller head of the 913F head can provide. Also, a few testers find them somewhat challenging to hit well from uneven lies.

Tiitleist’s previous fairway model, the 910F, is no slouch, either.

The 910 debuted in early 2011 with two models. The 910F is designed for maximum forgiveness and features Titleist’s own pear-shaped head design. The deep CG is supposed to make for easier launching off the turf and straighter, more consistent ball flight.

The 910 Fd is a larger volume fairway with a higher moment of inertia specifically designed to optimize distance and performance off the tee. The 910 Fd features a deeper face that produces a medium trajectory with low spin for a more boring ball flight.

Both models utilize Titleist’s new at the time SureFit Tour dual-angle hosel, which is very cool when you think about it.

The SFT hosel features a sleeve and a ring, each with four settings. The sleeve settings are numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4, and the ring settings are lettered A, B, C, and D. This results in a matrix of 16 unique loft/lie combinations that allows a golfer (or fitter) to make left or right flight improvements (mostly via lie adjustment), and launch and spin improvements (mostly via loft adjustments). The combination and interaction of the ring and sleeve provides the “dual angle” technology that makes independent loft and lie adjustability possible.

Both the 910F and 910 Fd metals feature a variable thickness face insert with a thick central portion designed specifically for fairways and more distance. Variable thickness in the face also allows discretionary weight to be redistributed to more strategically position the club’s center of gravity. The face design contributes greatly to what tour players described as a livelier feel and sound, which is interesting because the 910 fairway metals were acoustically engineered to improve feel and produce a hotter, more solid sound off the club face.

While both the 910 and 913 look and sound great, you won’t know which is better for you unless you go out and try ’em out.

Photo credit: turbotoddi / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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