This Golf Tip Worked For Me!

To save you all the step of actually writing all this down, here you go:

I try to flat-load my feet so I can snap-load my power package that way I can amplify both lag and drag pressure through impact fix as long as my number two power accumulator doesn’t break down I can reach maximum centripetal force with minimum pivotal resistance.  You see the pivot is the utilization of multiple centers to produce a circular motion for generating centrifugal force on an adjusted plane plus *gibberish* delivery path.  See, golf is geometrically oriented linear force.  It involves a physical muscular thrust and a geometry of the circle.  You can divide the golf swing into 24 basic components each having between 12 and 15 variations.  Now when you think of all this and you get it all set, hopefully you’ll hit shots like this.


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  • golf fix tips

    the actual positioning of the ball seems to be to allow you to slice the ball merely because you are coming upon the ball and not flat impacting it. Shanking comes also from not aligning the club head behind the ball where by the impact line is at and not taking a divot in front of the ball. In other words hitting through the ball. Try to to some extent lift the toe of the club at address before swinging back. You must hit the ball and take some turf to get a solid hit.

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