Three Clubs I’m Excited About for 2012!

As hard as it is to believe, golf season is here for many of us!  New seasons bring new equipment for some.  At the very least it should mean we are all trying out a few new clubs here and there at demo days and at our local shops.  Face it, trying out new clubs is fun.  What am I looking forward trying out this year?  Well, where should I begin…?

TaylorMade RocketBallz Line

There are a lot of TaylorMade haters out there, but even those people have to admit that TaylorMade produces some really great clubs each year.  I have no doubt that the RocketBallz line will be no different.  I’m specifically looking forward to trying out the fairway woods and maybe giving the balls a try.


Cobra Amp Driver

I’ve always been a fan of Cobra drivers.  I had some of my best rounds with the L4Vx and the S9-1 F was one of the longer stock (stock shaft) drivers I’ve tried out not to mention they were both very forgiving.  I have a feeling the Amp is similar.  I love the color scheme too…something I’m sure you will either love or hate.


Callaway Forged Copper Wedges

Callaway wedges have always caught my eye.  I’ve tried them out a number of times but have always stuck with Vokey’s.  These Forged Copper wedges might be the ones to finally kick the Vokey’s out of the bag.  We shall see!  They definitely have the look that I want…clean and simple.  I can’t wait to try them out, especially for some around the green shots.


Stay tuned for some demo day reviews on these clubs and many others!

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