Tiger Woods Returns at the Hero World Challenge

Tiger Woods

Many people think Tiger will return to his professional greatness at the Hero World Challenge this December 2nd. But will he cancel at the last minute? He has a history of backing out of tournaments, much like a friend who cancels at the last second.

Everyone is rooting for the Big Cat and would like to see him overcome his injuries. He certainly is driven and competitive. He is doing everything he can to get his game back.

What’s tough is meeting people’s expectations. Tiger’s game used to be so good, but it deteriorated quickly. He is likely not to return to his former greatness right away.

His comeback will be slow and steady. It will likely come in baby steps. One event at a time and one round at a time. Even one shot at a time.

The amount of pressure Tiger puts on himself is tremendous. He won 14 major titles over his career and became one of best golfers in the world. Living up to the Tiger of old will be difficult.

The timing is not convenient for sponsors, tournament heads, and television networks. Tiger has been practicing in California and recently hosted a Pro-Am. Was he just trying to “find it” so-to-speak?

His actions indicate he has cold feet. He was optimistic about the Safeway Open in October but then suddenly withdrew. He must have looked inside himself and realized that he was just not ready to play.

Tiger didn’t want to replicate humiliating shots, which is what happened last year at the Phoenix Open. He had some chip shanks and couldn’t find the fairway. Withdrawing from the Safeway Open was a way to protect himself from potential embarrassment.

There’s only one place where Tiger is going to find his game. That place is between the ropes at a PGA Tour event. But he won’t be at his best at the Hero World Challenge. Don’t get your hopes up too high this December.

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