Tips for Basic Bowstring Maintenance

Basic Bowstring Maintenance

Maintaining your bowstring is important for increasing the life of your bow. You should keep up with basic maintenance so that you can experience the best bow performance possible.

Bowstring Basics

The bowstring is an essential part of the bow. Without the bowstring, there is no possibility of shooting. It would be like a car without a motor.

Bowstrings have a simple purpose: to create energy within the limbs of a bow. This energy is released when an archer lets go, propelling the arrow forward toward the target.

The composition of a bowstring depends on the type of bow. Bowstring manufacturers use Dacron for low-end, or traditional bows. High-end bowstrings are made of Dyneema, a polyethylene product that is spun to form a synthetic fiber.

A high-end bowstring will come pre-waxed. But once your bowstring is introduced to outdoor elements, the wax will start to wear off. If wax is not reapplied, then the bowstring will start to fray.

How to Maintain Your Bowstring

You can prevent your bowstring from fraying by waxing it. Wax can be bought online or at any archery retailer shop. The use of a substitute product can lead to your bowstring breaking, and that would put yourself at risk of injury.

Important Note: Make sure your bowstring is clean before applying wax. There are cleaning agents specifically designed for this purpose.

Rub wax onto the bowstring using your fingers. You can also work wax into the bowstring by using a rag. The friction will cause the wax to heat up and melt into the fibers.

Also, store your bow in a dry place – not the back of your vehicle. The smallest amount of moisture can quickly break down your bowstring just the same as rain or dirt.

When to Replace Your Bowstring

Changing your bowstring depends on its condition. If there are badly frayed sections or broken strands, then it’s time for a replacement.

Also, pay attention to the length of your bowstring when it is drawn. A bowstring can become stretched out as it ages. However, a full replacement isn’t always necessary. A repair shop may be able to twist and shorten the bowstring back to the correct length.

There is no set rule for when to replace your bowstring. Archers who shoot frequently will need to replace their bow string more often than the casual shooter. If you have any doubts, do not take chances on an old string. If the string snaps, the limbs could be damaged and you could sustain a serious injury.

What If the Bowstring Breaks?

Avoid this scenario at all costs. A broken string can cause your bow to lose its shape or break. If it happens, take your bow to the nearest archery store so they can help you.

Use these guidelines to keep your bowstring performing at its best. A healthy bowstring means you will save money and prevent headaches at the repair shop.

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