Titleist 909 SureFit Review

This is my first video club review.  More to come soon!


Hi, I’m Kane Snow with 3balls.com.   Today I am going to be reviewing three different Titleist SureFit drivers.  The 909D3, the 909D2, and the 909D Comp.  If you aren’t familiar with the SureFit drivers, they are basically fitting cart clubs that have been epoxied or glued at Titleist, so they are no longer interchangeable.  The only difference between them and a normal retail model are the bore-thru and the hosel.  Each model was designed with a different type of player in mind.  The D3 was designed for a lower handicap player.  It launches the ball low.  It has a 440cc head with the classic pear shape design.  The D2 launches the ball a little bit higher, it has 460cc head, and it has a slightly more round design.  The D Comp launches the ball much higher.  It has a 460cc head and it’s also more round.  Let’s go hit some balls and see how these drivers perform.

Alright, just got back from hitting some balls and each driver performed very well.  The D3 launched it low just like it was supposed to, the D2 launched it a little bit higher, and the D Comp launched it really high.  I typically launch it a little bit low, so the D2 and the D Comp were a better fit for me.  But the D3 has the look that I really really like.  It’s a little bit smaller head and has that pear shape design.  I just felt really comfortable looking down at the D3.  So, if you’re looking for a driver that launches it a little bit lower and you are looking for that classic shape, go for the D3.  If you are looking to launch it a bit little higher,  I’d look at the D2 or the D Comp.  All the drivers sounded really nice.  The D Comp surprised me, it sounded really really nice.  I thought it was going to be a little bit louder, but I thought it has the best sound out of all three.  And um, yeah, thanks for watching my review and hopefully this will help you choose which SureFit is best for you.




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