Getting Ready for Titleist’s 915s: Is it Time to Upgrade?


It’s nearly fall and hardcore golf gear fanatics know exactly what that means.  It’s time for new Titleist clubs to appear on the market.  Titleist 915 drivers are already showing up on tour, and if history repeats itself, they’ll be in stores by November.  Titleist fans throughout the world are asking themselves one question:  Is it time to upgrade my 913 driver?

The details are scarce so far on the 915s, but Titleist has never been a company to take innovation lightly, so when they claim their newest clubs are a big deal, the entire golf community perks up and listens.  The most obvious update to this Titleist family is the Active Recoil Channel, also known as the ARC.  It looks similar to other slot technology from other manufacturers, but looks aren’t the whole story: the ARC is anything but a clone of other manufacturers existing technology.

Titleist’s ARC, unlike similar pockets, is designed to lower ball spin to add distance, instead of trying to simply increase ball speed.  The pocket is much deeper and located closer to the face than similar designs in other clubs; the difference is most noticeable in 915 drivers.

The whole Titleist family is getting a big upgrade for 2015; here are just a few improvements to watch for:

Drivers:  The already somewhat forgiving D3s and game improvement D2s are getting an even bigger boost to their MOI to help them resist twisting at impact.  There are also rumors flying about D4s and D5s that may become the newest in advanced player models.  915 drivers are also aiming to be even faster on off-center hits, moving the D2s squarely into easy play territory for more casual golfers.

Fairways:  Fewer changes are coming to the 915 fairways, but a smaller footprint on the Fd model and a forward center of gravity will continue to make them popular choices.  The updated alignment aid should also be appreciated by players across the skill spectrum.

Hybrids:  Whether you’re a sweeper or a digger, Titleist worked hard to create a version of the 915 hybrid that would best fit your swing.  Players who sweep their balls with their hybrids should try the 915H, while the deeper and smaller Hd model is ideal for players who tend to hit down on their balls.  These changes are intended to help improve the game by tailoring clubs more specifically to the way golfers play.

We’re eagerly awaiting the 915s so we can start matching players to these amazing clubs.  If you’ve got your eye on a 915, or even a used 913, we’ve got the gear you need at a price you’ll love at — check out our website today.

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