Top 10 Holiday Golf Gifts

Happy Holidays, 3balls readers! It’s that time of the year again where you have to choose a gift for the family golfer. But what the heck do you buy them this year?

We’ve been feverishly scouring our website for some of the best choices to stick underneath the tree. Here are the top 10 gifts to say you appreciate them, even if you don’t care about golf.

  1. Golf Ball Markers

TaylorMade TM 5-Pack

Golf Ball Markers

Ball markers come in all shapes and sizes. But these quarter-sized gems have fun logos, so your golfer can work with something fancy.

Often golfers will use poker chips, tees, coins, or whatever thingamabob they have in their pocket as a ball marker. But these items aren’t the safest choice, and some are even considered taboo.

Get him the real deal. Don’t let him be the laughingstock of the golf course. With these ball markers, he will look like one of the pros.

  1. A Cooler

Ogio Chill 18-24 Can Cooler


Your golfer will freak out once he receives a brand new cooler as his holiday present. Every golfer needs one to carry drinks they intend to down while waiting for their turn.

What’s the best thing about this bag? You can fill it to the brim. The cooler can cram up to 24 cold beer cans.

Dad or hubby can sling it around his shoulders as he walks from hole to hole. The zippered pocket makes it easy to dive right in and grab another drink before his next swing.

  1. A Golf Glove

Titleist Players 2015 Golf Glove

Golf Gift Golf Glove

Your golfer will likely need a new glove. (Gloves tend to have a limited lifespan.) Most players are picky about their gloves, but this one is a good buy.

If your boo doesn’t wear a glove, tell him how it will increase the swing rate of his club. It’s true. The extra weight on the end of the golf club will help him swing faster.

For those golfers who wear a glove all the time, they will appreciate the soft, thin feel of genuine Cabretta leather. It’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

  1. A Swing Trainer Analyzer

Arccos Driver Performance Tracking System

Golf Gift Arccos

Give a doodad to the gadget-loving golfer in your life. This swing trainer analyzer is the best in breed when tracking systems are concerned.

Inside the box, he’ll find a sensor that screws into the top of his driver’s shaft. Once fixed, he can open the Arccos app and pair via BlueTooth. The app detects everything, including the location of the golf course.

This tool is a great way to track the analytics of a swing. It’s one of the geekiest ways to say “I love you.”

  1. A GPS Watch

Garmin X40 Watch GPS/Rangefinder

Golf Gift GPS Watch

This watch is the gold standard of golf GPS watches. It’s expensive, but everything works just as it should. Its features are well worth the price tag.

The GPS works perfectly, keeping score is intuitive, and the Connect app provides a shot by shot recap complete with a view of each hole.

Bonus points: Your golfer gets a watch that can be used as an everyday timepiece or as a GPS rangefinder. His mind = blown!

  1. A Return Net

ProActive Sports Pro-Advanced ProReturn Nets

Golf Gift Return Net

Don’t have time to hit the range? Use this return net that pops up in seconds and folds up instantly for easy storage.

Your golfer can set it up in the backyard or on a hard surface like a garage floor. Either way, the return feature works like a charm.

  1. Sunglasses

Under Armour UA Igniter Sunglasses

Golf Gift Sunglasses

If your man is addicted to golf, then he’s likely spending a lot of time outside in the sun. This cool pair of sunglasses is perfect for blocking those harmful UV rays.

There are a lot of sunglasses to choose from, but these are meant to take some of the worst abuse. He can wear them for other outdoor activities like hunting, hiking, and skiing.

Light and durable, the Igniter sunglasses are made to fit securely. Your golfer will appreciate this gift because Under Armour is synonymous with quality.

  1. A Shoe Bag

FootJoy FJ Nylon Shoe Bag

Golf Gift Shoe Bag

This shoe bag will do what your golfer should already be doing – stop tracking in dirt and grass from the course.

Maybe you can’t ever imagine needing an extra bag for your shoes. But storing away your dirty kicks will prevent you from tearing up the clubhouse and mucking up your wife’s clean carpets.

It even makes a great gift for your grandson who may be sporting a pair of FootJoy golf shoes too.

  1. A Pull Cart

Clicgear Model 3.5+ Pull Cart

Golf Gift Pull Cart

The most magical thing about the Clicgear 3.5+ is how it folds down to the size of a small suitcase but expands to a giant monstrosity of a cart.

This baby is the Cadillac of pull carts. It’s got a handbrake, cup holder, umbrella holder, storage compartment, storage net, scorecard holder, and more.

The entire weight of the cart is 18.8 lbs., so it easily slides into the back of the car. Don’t worry. It’s effortless to push and steer around too.

  1. Socks

Oakley Crew Print Golf Socks

Golf Gift Socks

You can’t go wrong with a pair of socks. Although, he probably has 15-20 pairs already sitting in his drawer.

But these Oakley socks are special. Just look at their fun design. Plus, they have moisture-wicking technology built into them.

You can be sure some of his socks don’t have matching pairs or there’re holes in them or whatever. Buy him a new set and stuff them into his stocking.

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