What are the Top Putter Brands?

Best golf putter brand

Nearly every putter brand has a rabid following that will proclaim their putters are the very best, but it’s hard to find an objective way to establish the top putter brands without a little help. Like so many others, we check out Golf Digest’s Hot List when we need an objective opinion. It’s easy to see from the number of Gold Award winners which companies consistently produce quality products.

2013’s pick of the litter was Odyssey, who walked away with seven of the 16 Gold Awards, Titleist was second most favored with three winners, and TaylorMade and Ping were tied for third with two outstanding putters. Odyssey is the most commonly seen brand on professional golf tours, including the PGA. Picking the top putter brands based on these fairly objective points is easy enough, but buying into these high end clubs can be price prohibitive if you’re a casual player.

Getting the Best Value in Putters

Casual players make compromises all the time when they’re buying clubs, balancing the amount of enjoyment they’re going to get out of a club with how much money they have to invest to own it. These decisions leave a lot of players choosing solid, but basic clubs when they could be buying last year’s high-end putters for the same money. Golf club retailers everywhere are rapidly expanding into the used market, taking out-modeled clubs in for trade on the best and newest clubs and reselling them to players who have spent the last year drooling over these still-sleek beauties, but having a hard time justifying the expense.

There has never been a better time to buy your clubs used, either. With so many rapid advances in putter technology, there are new ones coming onto the market constantly. Golf professionals, business people who make deals on the course and serious amateurs are keeping up with these trends, trading their clubs in with each new release. You can take advantage of their need for the newest and greatest clubs and save a substantial amount of money at the same time. Top putter brands like Odyssey, TaylorMade and Titleist are widely available on the used market, gently used and ready to spend years giving you the best games of your golfing life.

Buy used clubs confidently from reputable retailers who stake their reputation on their clubs, you can be assured that your used clubs have been tested and checked from top to bottom. Unlike new clubs, used clubs available through brick and mortar or online retailers have seen a few holes of golf, and along with a few potential minor scuffs, they’ve had the bugs worked out of them by their former owners. Overwhelmingly, these putters are traded-in in great condition – why not play the best for the cost of an average club?

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