Top Rated Drivers and Putters for Low Handicappers

Scotty Cameron putter covers

Scotty Cameron putter covers

Here at 3balls, we’re often guilty of talking about the clubs that are built for average and high handicappers.  We’re going to fix that, right now.  Today, let’s discuss the top rated clubs for low handicappers.  In the interest of space, we’re going to focus on drivers and putters, we’ll get to the irons and fairways later.


Drivers for Top Players

Low handicappers don’t typically need drivers that can compensate for their trouble swings or with a lot of forgiveness.  Instead, they need raw power and that’s what these clubs can offer.

TaylorMade R15.  Tied for the lead in this year’s PGA Driver Derby, the TaylorMade R15 is a great driver for low handicappers on and off the Tour.  With adjustable sole weights and loft settings, you can change your configuration on the fly to better suit the course conditions you find.  You’ve got long, straight shots and plenty of feedback to look forward from this club.

Titleist 915D2.  The other favorite driver on Tour, the Titleist 915D2 is considered a game improvement driver, but even the best players in the world love it for its length, simplicity and straight shots.  Although it can be a little trickier to work than other Titleist drivers, it more than makes up for that in control and distance.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond.  It’s a perfect storm of accuracy, roll and forgiveness with a springy feel at impact and a weighty head feel — how could a low handicapper not love this driver?  The only pain point of this club is its adjustability, but if you’re professionally fit, you can’t go wrong.


Low Handicapper Putters

Putters are the second most important club in your bag since they can literally make or break your short game.  Most low handicappers don’t like the bulkiness of a mallet or exotic putter, but these blades are built for the ultimate in control.

Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.  Although Scottys are regulars on the PGA Tour, none made as many winning appearances this year as the Newport 2.  With clean lines, stability through the stroke and at impact, low handicappers love this putter.  The Newport 2 puts the ball right where you want it almost intuitively.

Cleveland Classic HB 1i.  For players who prefer a softer feel and a lighter head, along with a little less feedback, the Cleveland Classic HB 1i is the putter they’ve been waiting for.  Clean lines, elegant design and a polymer face insert make this one of the best heel-toe weighted putters on the market today.

Ping Scottsdale TR Anser 2.  Ping putters have been consistent performers, especially for low handicappers.  The Scottsdale TR Anser is yet another in a long line of winning blade putters.  The grooved insert is the mark of consistency on all putts, center and off-center strikes alike. Although it has an insert the materials of the putter head give it a feel and sound of a non-insert putter.


When you’re looking for the very best in putters and drivers for low handicappers, make sure you stop by  We have tons of gear in conditions from new to gently used at prices you’ll love.

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