The Updated Wilson 8802 Putter is a Must-See

golf ball very close to the hole on putting green

golf ball very close to the hole on putting green

Long ago, Wilson dominated the world of putters, cranking out winner after winner and appearing in the bags of such greats as Arnold Palmer, Ben Crenshaw and Phil Mickelson. Somewhere along the line, Wilson lost their edge and became little more than a footnote in the world of golf. A stellar company like Wilson doesn’t take that kind of disrespect lying down, though — in July 2014, they released the new Wilson 8802 putter and man, has it gotten some attention.

Unlike the incredible, but overlooked Wilson 888 Black putters, the Wilson 8802 came out to a great deal of fanfare. It not only represented a historical revolution in putters that continues to touch each and every golfer who plays a blade, but stands to be the flagship for the new Wilson STAFF line. Some players think the STAFF line is an effort to jumpstart the Wilson brand, but whatever it is marketing-wise, we’re glad to see it’s getting some attention from players of the game.

The Wilson 8802 putter is a beautiful club that you really need in your bag.

Here’s why:


This sleek, shiny putter is virtually seamless, giving it a space-aged finish within a traditional design. Even if the 8802 never hit one ball, we’d keep one around just to stare at it. It’s a beautiful re-invention of the classic 8802.


Milled from 304 stainless instead of the harder 303, the 8802 has a much softer feel than most putters. The extra time Wilson has spent milling each club rewards players everywhere by providing solid contact without the harsh click that comes from many putters.


If there’s one thing about this club that divides the old timers from the fresh young faces of the game, it’s their ability to play this putter. Although it’s balanced like its predecessor, the lighter head allows for play on faster greens — still, this may not be enough if you’re a mallet player. The lack of alignment aids threw some testers off, but after a few putts around the green, most found the sweet spot.

All and all, Wilson’s 8802 putter is one of the most vibrant must-see, must-play putters of 2014. It’s more than a resurrection of one of the greatest putters in golfing history, it’s a reinterpretation of a classic for a new generation. The Wilson 8802 is a different putter, to be sure, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

We’ve got plenty of Wilson putters for sale in both new and gently used conditions at Let us show you what playing a true classic feels like — putting with the underdog may be just what you need to cure your three-putt.

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