Used Drivers That Won’t Break the Bank

Used Cobra Drivers

Choose the Right Driver

If you’re serious about buying a driver this year, you’ll likely assume the best option is a new release. You Google search. You find a list of new golf clubs. You click through a slideshow. You’re ready to buy. And you think you’re choosing the right driver.

Hold on, there’s other options.

Instead, here’s a golfing tip: try a used driver. Used golf clubs can be as worthwhile a purchase as brand new clubs. Why not look at our used drivers and discover a great deal that won’t break the bank.

Buy Used Drivers, Save Big

Buying a new driver isn’t always the smartest decision. If you’re only selecting a club because it’s a new release, you could be disappointed. There are tons of great deals on our website. Small, sometimes insignificant improvements in new release clubs are seldom worth the hefty price.

Take the 2016 Cobra King F6 (MSRP, $349). You can optimize the center of gravity location with a sliding track. But the truth is, its predecessors offer the same kind of customization – but for less money. Here are some similar clubs to avoid paying full price:

Buying used drivers is a great way to save big and get the most for your money. It’s common sense to find a bargain since you’re already shopping online. With this approach, you’ll be a smart, savvy shopper with more cash in your pocket and more clubs in your bag.

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