What golf driver should I buy?

Shopping for a new golf club

Shopping for a new golf club

Everyone wants to hit the ball longer off the tee. The chest thumping nature of bombing a tee shot down the fairway is sure to boost anyone’s confidence…at least for that hole.

However, many people focus more on the “bombing” part then the “down the middle of the fairway,” which holds far more significance then any yardage count.

Is there new technology to address you flaws?

As a result of the wide range of issues golfers face off the tee, companies have continuously looked for new ways to customize their drivers in order to address as many of these shortcomings as possible.

Technology like Callaway’s Optifit and TaylorMade’s Flight Control Technology that allow you to tune loft and face angles, provide a much-needed boost in customizing your driver to focus more on the common flaws of a golfer’s swing. Optimizing these adjustments can give you an added boost in limiting the damage that inconsistent swings can produce.

Comfort equals better shots

There is no substitute for being comfortable on the tee. Although this comfort is mostly attributed to how your swing is feeling on that particular day, there may also be an added comfort in knowing that your driver gives you the most forgiveness possible even when your swing is performing less than ideal.

Size no longer matters

The club head size advantage has mostly disappeared in recent years, given that a large majority of drivers all reach the 460cc size limit imposed by the USGA. Instead, companies have now focused on the components that make up the driver as the vehicle for them to claim an edge over their competition.

Test drivers before you buy

No one should buy a driver without giving it an ample test run. Although a trip to the range is better then nothing, in order to truly understand what driver is best, a round on the course may be essential in making the right choice.

What most golfers should be looking for in their test run, is how quickly the ball gets into the air on non-perfect swings (which for most, will be a majority of the tee shots hit). The idea behind these misses is that the sooner the ball gets into the air, the less damage it can do with regards to where it ends up.

The beauty of finding the right driver is that there is not one club that appeals to everyone. In fact, there may be clubs not on the cutting edge of technology that provide more comfort then any of the new gadgets on the market ever could. Thus, finding a used club that still hits like it just came right out of the box may be the golden ticket for better play off the tee, at a fraction of the price.







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