What to Know When You Buy Titleist Clubs

Titleist 913F Fairway Driver

Titleist golf clubs are among the best on the market, used by many of the world’s greatest players. Whether you’re a scratch player or a novice still seeking to break 100, Titleist offers clubs that will fit your game.

The hottest new Titleist drivers are the 913D2 and the 913D3. The main difference between the two is in the head size. The D2 is 460cc and thus more forgiving, while the D3 is 445cc and allows better players more control in working the ball. Both have new, larger forged titanium face inserts that increase ball speed, which means off-center hits will fly further. Also, the thickness of the crown has been reduced, lowering the center of gravity. The effect is to reduce spin, which also means longer distance. Finally, the 913 series drivers have the same SureFit Tour hosel that debuted in the 910 drivers, thus you can still raise or lower loft and open or close the face. In all, there are 16 different settings.

Titleist’s newest fairway woods are the 913F and 913Fd. As with the drivers, The F series has 16 settings to alter loft and lie angles. The F promotes a mid-launch ball flight by moving the adjustable weight to the back of the club, which was made possible by making the crown thinner. The weight is slightly more forward in the 913Fd for a flatter trajectory. Lofts can be adjusted for each club +/- 1.5 degrees, the Fd is available in 13.5, 15, and 18 stock settings while the F has a few more options at 13.5, 15, 17, 19, and 21 degree stock settings.

For hybrids, Titleist unveiled the 913H and 913Hd. The H series features an adjustable weight in the sole that reduces spin, while the center of gravity in the 913Hd is shifted further forward on the clubhead to create even less spin. The CG is positioned toward the back on lower lofts to aid with off-center hits and closer to the face on higher lofts to help control spin.

The AP1 irons are an impressive set of game improvement irons. With a sleek profile at address and a center bar added to the low toe area, there is increased forgiveness on mis-hits. These irons produce a towering ball flight and blend power with precision. With the AP1 irons, Titleist has produced an iron that has the look of a pro’s club but the feel and forgiveness that will satisfy the weekend warriors.

The AP2 irons are for the lower handicapped player. Added weight in the heel and toe raises ball speed across a larger portion of the face. These offset clubs inspire confidence and send a message to opponents that you are a force to be reckoned with.

Of course, wedge play is critical to scoring, and with Titleist’s Vokey design SM4 wedges, you’ll be striking smooth, precise shots that land softly onto the green. With sharper, deeper grooves that are close to the USGA’s limit, you’ll be able to spin it more on shots close to the green, even when the ball is in the rough.

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