What’s the best driver?

Hitting with golf driverI have started what I like to call my “Tournament Tour” as I played in the first of at least six tournaments over the next two months. Hearing that, you might think I am a great golfer. A ringer. A birdie machine. I am not.

What I am is a 22-handicapper who can occasionally play like a 10-handicapper. And when I say occasionally, I mean an occasional hole, not an entire round. The thing is, with a 22 handicap, I usually get at least a stroke a hole. And if they are playing 100% handicap, I get two strokes on four holes! All I really need to do to get invited is to par a couple of par 3s (net 2) and, like I did yesterday, par the really tough par 4 (net 2). That usually makes up for all the times my ball is in my pocket as my playing partners putt.

Anyway, to be a 22 and to still be considered a good golfer, there is usually one part of your game that is just plain awful. Yesterday it was off the tee – I really struggled with my driver. A couple of drives were screaming grounders. The ones that went any distance ultimately leaked badly to the right by the time they found the fairway or the fescue. I set up differently each time with the hope that I could adjust something. The only thing that ultimately worked was leaving the driver in the bag.

Inevitably when one part of your game stinks, you blame the equipment. In this case, it was my driver – a four-year-old TaylorMade R7 that supposedly adjusts, but I lost that tool long ago. As luck would have it, one of my partners owns a retail golf store and is familiar with what’s hot for drivers these days. I asked her what is the best driver in golf. Her opinion was that, as an average player, I could stick with TaylorMade and go for the RocketBallz line that has cornered the recreational golfer market. Its huge clubface makes it forgiving for those of us whose impact spot varies widely from swing to swing. And it is very trendy. Even if you can’t hit it, having the RocketBallz driver (or better yet, the whole set of fairway metal woods) in your bag gives others the impression that you are a player.

So I may go out and find myself a RocketBallz Stage2 driver. But, deep in my heart, I have to admit that the best driver is the one you can hit. And that the search may never end.

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